VIASEAL the spray coating by viacor

The applications:

Liquid foils are the second skin and perfect protection for your building

Reliable and easy-to-process spray foilmembranes by VIACOR are based on high-grade polyurethane-hybrid-systems or urea system for new buildings and refurbishments. 
VIASEALSPRAY COATS prevent the permeation of moisture and contaminants into the new building structure and remove any weak point in the case of refurbishment work: seamless, permanent, economical and aesthetically pleasing.

Value retention and considerable time- and cost-benefits are significant economical reasons for the Mercedes amongst the spray membranes: curing-times enable daily installation of up to 1000 sqm. The surfaces are dust-dry after 5 minutes, can be walked on after 30 minutes and are mechanically resistant after 2 hours. The seamless integration of rails or projecting metal sheets make VIASEAL-protected areas nearly maintenance free.

Properties of VIASEAL Spray membrane

Waterproofing - VIASEAL The permanent and aesthetical solution for your sealing proble

The permanent and aesthetical solution for your sealing problem

VIASEALspray coats
firmly bound to the building structure: applied on concrete or other load-bearing substrates.

 VIASEAL WATERPROOF hybrid 15/60 and VIASEAL WATERPROOF urea-hybrid 21/60

VIASEAL spray applied membrane waterproofing

Viaseal spray applied membrane

Waterproofing of: