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The Art of Managing External Lighting

In an office in the centre of Stuttgart, a company from nearby Fellbach, Jennert Bau-Chemie, carried out and implemented all of the requirements laid out by the building contractor responsible for the work. The biggest challenge was the introduction of a homogenous, matt surface which was subjected to large streaks of light coming in from windows all around the office. The Client’s requirements included a dark-grey floor, applied with a pigmented sealer in RAL 7021 and this had to be perfectly laid, as any ledges or even the smallest uneven sections would have been visible.

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A flawless underground preparation was essential for this floor surface. The old PU coating had to be carefully ground which wasn’t always successful due to the way it had been prepared in the past and there the solvent-free bonding agent VIASOL PU-P2250 was used. The remaining surfaces were primed by Jennert using the unfilled VIASOL EP-T703, and were brodcasted with sand (0,5 – 0,7 kg/sq) and this had the advantage that shear forces of the PU-coating are protected.

Case Study - Industrial flooring

The pore closing VIASOL PU-C525 with ca. 0,8 kg/sq was applied onto the stripped surface. This highly elastic material balances uneven areas and closes small pores on the surface. The top coating applied was the VIASOL PU-C525 (ca. 2,5kg/sq) and thereafter the UV and colour stable sealer VIASOL PU-S6000P was used. The PU seal coat impresses with its matt surface and simple and streak-free application.

PU sealer matt black without streaks

The Requirements and Challenges:


The right system for offices


Highly elastic polyurethane resin coating system, sound insulating, warm underfoot, pleasant to walk on, low emission and ideal for light mechanical and chemical resistance with a large choice of colours.

Bodensystem für Büro - der Aufbau



Areas where people spend longer periods of time must  adhere to high levels of environmental, health and occupational safety requirements and for these spaces, building products must comply to specified standards. AgBB (German „Ausschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten“) is the standard which assesses the health impact from the emissions of volatile, organic compounds (VOC) of building products.

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