Case Study Brunsfield Residence Kuala Lumpur

New benchmark at Brunsfield Residence

In Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, Brunsfield Residence was built in the belt of consulates and embassies nearby the Embassy of Switzerland, United States of America and the Singapore High Commission. Brunsfi eld Residence is a prestigious condominium complex development by the prominent property developer Brunsfield Development Holdings Sdn Bhd. The building comprises 6 five-storey blocks inlcluding 73 units, seven duplexes and 13 penthouses. A typical unit has a built-up area between 325 sqm to 560 sqm with a price tag starting from MYR 11 million while the penthouse carries a price tag starting from MYR 21 million.

Colourful car park in Malaysia 

car park coating system VIASOL Perm

Brunsfield Resisdence boasts a car park of over 10,000 sqm. It is important to have an aesthetically impressive car park to project and enhance the prestigious image of Brunsfield Resisdence to entice the prospective purchaser and investor.

Brunsfield Development Holdings Sdn Bhd was searching, through a thorough tender process for the car park flooring with a tight schedule for completion as a key criteria to meet the launch date of Brunsfi eld Resisdence. VIACOR’s VIASOLPERM DECK was selected on the merits that it offers speedy process of installation and is water vapour permeable. This system was the ideal candidate due to the tight deadline and its well proven capability for use on the ground level subject to high humidity and moisture conditions where traditional coating system would not perform.

Presice colored areas

Malaysia car parking

A dedicated and skilful workforce was assigned to the project working around the clock to complete the installation. A new benchmark for an aesthetically impressive car park in the heart of Kuala Lumpur was set. Brunsfield Development Sdn Bhd has commended on VIACOR’s professionalism in the execution and completion ahead of schedule of the installation and very gratifi ed with the result of its car park furbished with VIACOR’s VIASOLPERM DECK car park flooring system.

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Car park coating system


Ultramodern water-based coating systems solve numerous problems that, unfortunately, occur frequently: High moisture levels in the substrates make it impossible to use coatings which are impervious to water vapour. Also the question whether coatings can be applied to early age concrete arises frequently. In all of these cases, the VIASOLPERM coatings allow the substrate to breath. The result is a load-bearing and attractive floor.

This system concept has a promising future and development work continues in our laboratories. There is a symbiosis between technical and cost advantages. The trend toward permeable coatings continues.

  1. Seal coat
  2. Base coat + scatter
  3. scratch coat
    • VIASOL EP-L380
  4. Hot compressed air treatment + primer
Advanced resin based, water-vapour permeable flooring system for basements subject to high moisture conditions. Complies with Singapore Green Label Scheme. Thickness: 2-4 mm


Variations in system structure and layer thicknesses possible


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