System overviews Industry & Sports

Epoxy & poly­urethane flooring systems

Floor coatings: waterproof, hight conductive, design floor, crack-bridging, slip resistant, water vapour permeable, car parking area, tough-durable, whg, esd, elastic, seamless,...

Sports and play­ground surfaces

PORPLASTIC sports flooring systems and playground surfaces are specially developed surfaces for high-performance sports.

Flooring Solutions for Industry Floors

VIACRETE for Food & Beverage

Meat, fish, drinks, herbs and spices, frozen food and other sections of the food industry all benefit from the advantages offered by VIACRETE industrial flooring systems.

Functional Floor Coatings for Productions

Electronics (ESD), Automotiv, Food (HACCP, ISEGA), Chemicals (WHG), Pharmaceuticals, Mechanical Engineering - Floor coating systems for all industries

Car Park Flooring Systems

The systems are suitable for exposed car parking areas, multi-storey car park levels, underground car parks and ramps as well as spiral ramps and walkways.

Elastic Flooring Systems

The decorative VIASOL ELASTIC floor coatings are characterized by elasticity, which creates increased walking comfort, joint protection and walking comfort.

Sports Flooring Systems