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stadium running track in Kerala, India

Medical College Ground & Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium

BIG PROJECT - planned and implemented for the 35th National Games in Kerala

Medical College Ground (8100 sqm) and Chandrasekharan Nair Stadion (8000 sqm) with a length of 400 m, 8-lane synthetic athletic track and thickness of 13 mm.

From the beginning..

The National Games Secretariat, Kerala contracted PORPLASTIC partner Great Sports Infra for the installation of two IAAF athletic tracks for the 35 th National Games in Kerala: the Medical College Ground and Chandrasekharan Nair Stadion (8000 m²) with 400 m, 8-lane synthetic athletic track and thickness of 13 mm.

Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium in Kerala

I am impressed with the running track. I would say this is the best in the State. It should also be among the finest in the country.

N. Mohanakumar Chief-Engineer, National Games Secretariat


Construction site in the south of India

Porplastic delivered its high performance coating POPRLASTICSW competition for this project. The installation process began with the grading of the field, excavation and compaction. Later the applicators laid WMM and broadcasted EPDM granules for applying subsequently the Bitumen, followed by the PU coating and then line marking.

The National Games Secretariat is very happy with the outcome. This prestigious project has also been appreciated by Indian athletic legend and Coach, Ms. PT Usha
„This is with reference to the contract for the supply and installation of two IAAF certified synthetic athletic tracks at Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium, Trivandrum and Medical College Ground, Calicut. Eminent athlete P.T. Usha conducted a training session for the 35th National Games Kerala at the Calicut track and stated it to be the finest in India.