Red industrial floor coating with highly durable seal coat
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New epoxy resin sealer in a class of its own

VIASOL EP-S5400 - the special EP sealer. Available now!

In addition to low emissions and low yellowing, VIASOL EP-S5400 was specifically developed with a high resistance to staining by organic substances.

VIASOL EP-S5400 - low-yellowing, resistant to discoloration and low-emission

The new sealer impresses with its easy processing, high mechanical and chemical resistance and complete absence of added solvents!

A sealing product at the cutting edge of coating technology which, in addition to good economy, also offers product properties to meet the highest demands.

This was the ambitious objective at the beginning of the development process. The result after the intensive development and testing phase: VIASOL EP-S5400.

The properties and characteristics of the sealer VIASOL EP-S5400

In addition to the properties typical of VIACOR products, such as easy processability, high mechanical and chemical resistance, and a complete absence of added solvents, VIASOL EP-S5400 is characterized in particular by the following three special features:

  • Particularly low emission according to TÜV PROFiCERT PREMIUM

  • Particularly low yellowing

  • Particularly resistant to staining

As part of the TÜV PROFiCERT test program, VIASOL EP-S5400 was tested in the system build-up for emissions of potentially harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and for the presence of other pollutants. The best possible result was achieved with classification in the PREMIUM category. In addition to compliance with AgBB standards, this also confirms compliance with other international VOC limits (including M1, MVV TB, LEED v4, BREEAM). The product is therefore ideally suited for use in indoor areas where people are present.

Yellowing curve of stains in the floor coating

Thanks to the use of special raw material components, VIASOL EP-S5400 stands out as a particularly low-yellowing product and thus sets new standards in the field of epoxy resin chemistry.

This is impressively illustrated in the extreme test under permanent irradiation with a UV content of 100%. The diagram shows the yellowing behavior of VIASOL EP-S5400 in comparison with two comparable competitor products available on the market, based on the delta-b value as a measure of yellow discoloration. It shows impressively that VIASOL EP-S5400 yellows much slower and even after more than 350 h hours of extreme UV exposure shows less than half the discoloration of the two competitor products.

No discoloration when soiled by stains

In addition to low emissions and low yellowing, VIASOL EP-S5400 was specifically developed with a high resistance to staining by organic substances.

To validate this property, VIASOL EP-S5400, together with the two competitor products, was exposed to various organic substances from everyday life over several periods of time in an extensive test program. The substances tested included beet, ketchup, red wine, vinegar and curry paste, and thus reflected very practical exposure, for example in kitchen or canteen areas. The diagram shows the percentage of the tested substances which led to irreversible discoloration of the tested sealers after an exposure period of 10 min, 3 h and 24 h. VIASOL EP-S5400, together with a competitor product, demonstrated a very high resistance to staining and was able to clearly distinguish itself from the other competitor product, which was susceptible to staining.

VIASOL EP-S5400 - the special EP sealer. Available now!