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Spray coating for sealing

Gebäudeschutz: Sicher abdichten mit VIASEAL Spritzfolie

Liquid foils are the second skin and perfect protection for your building

VIASEALSPRAY COATS prevent the permeation of moisture and contaminants

into the new building structure and remove any weak point in the case of refurbishment work: seamless, permanent, economical and aesthetically pleasing.

The permanent and aesthetical solution for your sealing problem

The characteristics of VIASEAL spray coats

  • low-temperature resistant, permanently elastic from -40°C to +80°C, water vapour permeable, shrink-free, root- and microbe-resistant as per DIN 4062, early-water resistant and plasticiser-free.
  • seamless: optimally adapted to all building structures such light- and ventilation-domes, water drains, etc.
  • nearly all geometric forms are suitable for spray membranes, even vertical surfaces
  • protection against UV-strains and design in many colours is possible with a high-quality, easy-to-apply top sealer
  • no fire hazard and smell pollution on the building structures, as it is applied cold

spray membranes are waterproofing systems for the following areas:


  • white tubs
  • trough structure (e.g. underpasses)
  • driveable warm- and cold-roof structures (with pressure distributing panels)
  • sprinkler tanks e.g. in the interior
  • underground garage covers or other extensively and intensively planted areas
  • fountains e.g. in the city design
  • abrasion protection for conveyor technique
  • protection of truck cargo areas, ramps, vehicle floorings