Sports surfaces - Porplastic PU-rubber granular systems have proven their worth across five decades as a sports coat in popular sport/ school sport facilities, running- and run-up tracks, ball-game and multi purpose pitches, tennis courts, sports and multi-purpose halls just as they have shown to be an optimal base for professionals for national and international championships in high-performance and professional sports.

They are suited for newly constructing as well as revitalising or refurbishing (retopping) of old coats and for all climate zones.

Own product developments and production are the best guarantee for modern, economical and durable as well as environmentally friendly sport-floor systems. Our systems are certified:

WA Zertifikat PORPLASTIC BWF-Zertifikat PORPLASTIC IHF Zertifikat Porplastic IAKS Zertifiziert Porplastic DQS Zertifiziert Porplastic ITF Zertifiziert Porplastic ITF Zertifiziert Porplastic

Choosing the right sports floor ?

Start using the web version of the sports floor finder to discover running tracks, artificial turf fields, multi-purpose fields, tennis courts, swimming halls, gymnastics rooms, play-grounds and the associated changing rooms, showers, corridors, stairways , parking areas and much more.

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Serie RACE -
the outdoor classic:

Sports floor systems that have proven their worth through long-term practice and have been demanded by industry-specific norms and associations

Coat with pattern spray coating, water permeable, spike-proof, slip-inhibiting granular structured surface.

Running/run-up track, playing pitches, ideal as well for revitalising and refurbishing (retoppping)
Certified as per DIN V 18035/6, coat type A, tested and certified as per WA (Word Athletics).

PORPLASTICSW competition
Top-performance with cast coating, water impermeable, sandwich construction method, extremely spike-proof, patterned surface which also creates excellent conditions for training and competition even in the case of moisture and rain.

Running/run-up tracks for international competitions and professional sports.
Certified as per DIN V 18035/6, coat type E, tested and certified as per WA (Word Athletics).

PORPLASTICM olympic gold
The coating for the world class: Massive PU-cast coating, water impermeable, resists heavy continuous stresses by spikes, granulated surface for dynamic secure footing under all climatic conditions, brilliant look.

Running/run-up tracks for international competitions and professional sports.
Certified as per DIN V 18035/6, coat type E, tested and certified as per WA (Word Athletics).

PORPLASTIC2S game + track
Base layer plus coloured EPDM abrasion layer, water permeable, porous and relative smooth surface, extremely abrasion-proof, UV- and weather-resistant.

Multi-purpose playing pitches, small game pitch, falling protection, running/ run-up tracks for popular sports, specially combined school-sports facilities
Certified as per DIN V 18035/6, coat type B

Single-layers PURE/EPDM coat coloured, water permeable, extremely abrasion-proof, UV-and weather resistant. Multi-purpose playing pitches, small game pitch, falling protection, running/ run-up tracks for popular sports, specially combined school-sports facilities  

Small- and multi-purpose sports pitches, play areas, especially suited for refurbishment, also ideal for tennis.
Certified as per DIN V 18035/6, coat type C

Special systems outdoor:

Porplastic demonstrates its strengths wherever extraordinary requirements are placed on sport surfaces. Profound knowledge from modern special chemistry and years of experience are combined by us to shape innovative system variants.

Sandwich system with a homogenous surface and additional anti-slip coating, water impermeable, especially suited for hall sport types outdoors 

Indoor sports coats

PORPLASTICINDOOR offers rounded and checked and certified as per DIN 18032-2, EN 14904 and IHF range of seamless, sports-functional, attractive and economical floor systems for sports- and multi-purpose halls. 


Decorative sports-floors coating system with 3D effect for hall floors.
point-, mix- or combination-elastic as per DIN V 18032-2 / EN 14904

point-elastic PURE bound systems

combined elastic systems made of point-elastic wearing surface and surface-elastic subbase

mix-elastic systems through integrates load-distributing layer

PORPLASTICRACE synthetic coats offer various advantages:


Tennis courts - indoor and outdoor

In-house product development, production subject to strict quality control, professional installation of certified systems by the licensing partners of the Porplastic Group and Porplastic Engineering. Our quality products are manufactured under licence by the synthetic resin specialist VIACOR Polymer GmbH. Our partners carry out the entire installation, from earthworks to the laying of the base course and finally the wearing layer.

ITF classified Tennis court

PUR slide tennis court with clay-feeling for indoors or
Water-permeable, all weather tennis clay court for Outdoor, ITF classified

Water-permeable, all weather tennis clay court for indoor and outdoor

Benefits of a RedClay Pro court:

ITF classified Tennis court
Tennis court flooring system for indoor and outdoor point-elastic according to DIN V 18032-2 and EN 14904, ITF classified

Tennis court flooring system for indoor and outdoor point-elastic according to EN 14904

Tennis court flooring system for indoor and outdoor

Economic tennis court for indoor and outdoor

red artificial turf stability mat filled with red ceramic infill for tennis courts

Serie GREEN -
artificial turf systems for modern ball sports


Extremely low-maintenance and suited for the football league - we have the suited turf for any use.

Backfilled football turf made of the top-grade materia polyethylene

PORPLASTIC M+F evolution
Fibres combined, monofilament smooth and fibrillated

All systems may be implemented in different pole heights, multi-yean versions, in multiple colours or in special colours.

The PORPLASTICGREEN system series

We know more about artificial turf system: economical, durable and visually appealing total solutions.

The value of the Porplastic group’s experience of many years of artificial turf installation and care are the basis for the PORPLASTICGREEN system programme. Only the best-performing coating types were chosen from the wealth of possibilities and developed further.  The results are artificial turfs for various areas of application, that combine the optimal visuals and playing properties with the maximal durability and life-span even under the hardest stresses.

Each pitch and each use-requirements differ. That is why the individual consultation in the selection of the optimal system is crucial. Porplastic and its licenced partners will gladly advise you, even on site: from the suitable subbase to the artificial turf up to the suitable filling. We often find the solution for problems even with existing pitches through the right care- and maintenance-measures.

PORPLASTICGREEN top-technology:

PORPLASTICGREEN coats stand for:

There is no such thing as the optimal artificial turf - but there is a perfect system solution for concrete demands. That is why a competent analysis of the requirements and intended use as well as the development of a total system by a PORPLASTIC specialist is the right path to enjoying the game and lasting satisfaction.


Above all, we are on thing: specialists for constructing sports facilities Five decades of worldwide experience and the feedback with the own development and production are the resources of PORPLASTIC. For that reason, with an artificial turf by PORPLASTIC, you transfer the responsibility for the entire setup of a playing pitch into a single hand. The quality of the turf layer is not the only thing that matters - there are multiple aspects from various specialised fields that need to be harmonised in order to create a top sports facility. Our responsibility continues with care, upkeep and maintenance. And the PORPLASTIC group is your reliable and strong partners in matters of warranty.

What are the properties that you can expect from PORPLASTIC? Excellent levels of ball reflexion, ball rolling- and bounce-behaviour, force reduction; preventing injuries, suitability for all climate zones even under the highest levels of stresses, and a lot more. What are the technologies behind all this? e.g. exclusive use of polyethylene, extra-reinforced backing, top-quality subbases and infills, thread- and fibre-types that are state-of-the-art. With more than 700 artificial turf pitches installed worldwide, the PORPLASTIC group is one of the biggest players of the industry; and naturally as well through its experience since artificial turf has been used in sports as a whole.

You can trust PORPLASTIC artificial turf PORPLASTIC turfs fulfil all the requirements of all large football associations. They are checked and certified as per DIN V 18035 equally in line with the FIFA quality concept. We also constantly test our own system down to the bones. The external monitoring by the DQS (German quality seal for industry and sports surfaces) is guaranteed.

The investments into an artificial pitch by PORPLASTIC are worth it. The significantly reduced maintenance effort compared to natural turf quickly qualifies the initial investment. Equipment and application materials such as chemical fertilisers and herbicides are highly reduced; not to mention the watering costs, which are reduced to a minimum. Through the unchanging good playability in the longterm and in any seasons, an artificial turf pitch by Porplastic takes on a multiple amount of playing hours. Thus costs for further playing fields can be saved on. The UV-resistance and durability of PORPLASTIC turfs guarantee a long lifespan with relatively low upkeep efforts.

The maintenance of an intact environment is of great importance to us. We strictly check that all utilised materials are completely harmless for humans and the environment. That also applies to the turf and backing as well as infill-materials. Recycling-rubber granulates, for example, are completely freed from residue during the recycling process and reduce the landfill volume of old tyres. At the same time, we are involved in improving methods for recycling disassembled artificial turf. Currently, PORPLASTIC artificial turf can already be re-processed and used by more than 90%. Doing without fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides spares the environment and, per year, millions of litres of valuable drinking water are available to people instead of watering turfs.

PORPLASTIC sports surfaces:
the quality concept for optimal conditions in sports
play, fun and success on secure footing!

We do not only offer high-quality products but complete system solutions, installed by licenced partners with state-of-the-art technologies and based on more than 30 m sqm of successfully installed sports surfaces.

All porplastic systems comply with national and international standards (e.g. Din V 18035 part 6/7 or WA), are checked by independent institutes, associations and organisations and are constantly checked by internal and externally quality controls.

Further images, references and information is available on our website for sports surfaces: