Three Floors - One Project

Give your Feet a Spring in their Step

Matthias Loeffler, owner of the Löffler shoe shop, wants his shoes to give his customers a spring in their step. His new shop was planned and fitted out meticulously with this in mind. Along with selling the customer the perfect pair of shoes, another prerequisite was an elastic flooring system which would give added comfort underfoot and also allow for a pleasant customer experience within the shop.

The building was divided into 3 completely separate areas, which were different both in the way they looked and in the way they were being utilised.

>> subject: Löffler Shoe Shop, Mössingen

The outside and entrance area offered an inviting “beach chill out vibe” to encourage customers into the store and, once inside, to spend time in the store. Although this area has a roof, it still needs to be able to withstand all weather conditions and on entering the building, customers are greeted with a pleasant atmosphere. 

Steinteppich im Außenbereich

The modern, spacious area combined with the lightly coloured flooring and walls give the room a feeling of space. The shop floor is inviting and customers can feel relaxed, being able to try on new shoes and walk around in them unhindered which is very important to Matthias Loeffler. 

Marmorierte fugenlose Bodenbeschichtung

In the workshop, many hours are spent perfecting the shoes and accessories to meet the customer’s requirements. 

Werkstattboden der Orthopädie-Schuh-Technik


Out with the old and in with the new – The new look of the old joinery! A combination of lovely colours on the walls and floors in 3 areas:

Workshop and
Retail Spaces

Is a decorative, elastic polyurethane coating system, has very good UV resistance and colour stability, is impact sound reducing, comfortable to walk on and warm underfoot with light chemical and mechanical resistance and is available in a wide range of colours and with endless, customised design possibilities.



Floor for Future: GREEN LINE ECO


Areas where people spend longer periods of time must  adhere to high levels of environmental, health and occupational safety requirements and for these spaces, building products must comply to specified standards. AgBB (German „Ausschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten“) is the standard which assesses the health impact from the emissions of volatile, organic compounds (VOC) of building products.

Agbb Zertifzierung Icon GREEN LINE ECO

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