Proven food safety – VIACRETE again HACCP INTERNATIONAL certified

Hygiene and cleanliness are key requirements for any food processing facility. Ensuring a high level of hygiene throughout the entire operating period is a considerable challenge that requires systematic identification and elimination of hygiene risks.

As a result of continuously growing hygiene awareness and increasingly strict legal requirements, the implementation of HACCP principles in the planning and operation of food facilities is becoming increasingly important. Since 2006, companies producing, processing or distributing food are even obliged to apply the HACCP concept according to EU law (Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004).

VIACRETE, the highly resilient polyurethane concrete from VIACOR, is certified for food-safe application in accordance with the HACCP principles!

Due to its extraordinary mechanical, chemical as well as thermal resistance and a proven minimal emission behaviour, VIACRETE is already gathering powerful arguments for its suitability as a jointless floor coating system in facilities such as commercial kitchens or food productions. With its recently renewed HACCP compliance certification, VIACRETE proves to be an ideal solution for any food handling facility. Based on a thorough external product test, the following key product properties in particular are hereby certified:


In summary, VIACRETE systems from VIACOR offer the following impressive product advantages for an application in food facilities:

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