Low yellowing top coat

VIASOL EP-C3000 is resistant to yellowing due to an improved formulation

The VIASOL EP-C3000 achieves a high UV protection with its improved formulation. The 2K coating for epoxy resin floors is as top layer and broadcast layer in the following VIASOL floor systems:

low yellowing top coat

The graph shows the intensity of yellowing (indicated by the delta b value) with respect to the elapsed time in hours. Both VIASOL EP-C3000 and VIASOL EP-C500 were exposed to the same intense UV stress test for 500 hours. The UV stress test simulates an above-average high 100% UV exposure, which in the European climate does not exist. In direct comparison to VIASOL EP-C500, the product is both slower and less yellowing than the VIASOL EP-C500.

VIACOR's VIASOL EP-C3000 is the ideal choice for a low-seasoning epoxy coating with the following advantages: