Magazine | Issue No. 2

Tommy Dahl - Man of the world

In Tommy Dahl’s world, everything revolves around sport. In order to realise his dream of becoming a professional tennis player, he trained for hours on end every day before and after school. At the young age of 18, his body began to react adversely to the physical strain, so he became a coach for the elite juniors in Norway. He developed an interest in tennis courts and became more and more of a businessman, and at the age of 28 he set up his first business.

Tommy Dahl VIACOR sports director

Name :
Tommy Dahl

Date of birth: 
21 March 1972 


Started at VIACOR:
1 Nov 2015

Norwegian, English

Lives in:
Saetre, Norway

Place of birth:
Drammen, Norway

Work and family

Skiing and other sports

 Family status:

Favourite country:

Next holiday destination:


Favourite food:
Red curry dishes

My best cooked dish:
Baked vegetables with chicken

My favourite lunch break destination is: 
In Lorry in Oslo

Early start or late finish:

Coffee or tea: 

Sweet or salti:

Favourite VIACOR floorings:
PORPLASTIC Tennis Comfort

Favourite VIACOR product:

Dream job when you were young:
Tennis player

Which 3 things do I always carry with me:
Passport, credit card, mobile phone

Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you at work::
There are actually quite a few. There were some meetings early in my international career where I wondered what was I doing here. Or when a man fell into a 200 kg drum of paint in Egypt in front of an investor.

Your next professional goal:
Continue with the existing long-term plan for PORPLASTIC in the worldwide market

Something you’ve always wanted to tell us:
We are simply the best team


tommy dahl tennis pro porplastic

Tommy Dahl on his rise
in the world of
professional tennis