Magazine | Issue No. 2

In the heart of VIACOR

It is impossible to imagine our lives without plastics. Every morning we pack a little snack for our morning break into a plastic container and we buy water bottled in plastic.

But have you ever really thought about the floor you walk and stand on?

Quite often this is made from plastics too. This is the expertise of VIACOR: the production of plastic / synthetic resin coatings for a whole range of applications.

Produktion farbpigmente viacor

We are all aware of the importance of flooring today. For example, it protects the concrete in car parks, enhances the appearance of shopping malls and foyers, and allows people to train and play their sport on a large variety of different surfaces.

So where does this material come from? It is made in the manufacturing heart of VIACOR – the production facility!

This is us!
Our production team consists of sixteen employees. Twelve of them are responsible for the production of our products and the other four process the production orders, plan the usage of the machines, print the appropriate labels and ensure there is a supply of raw materials.

The formula 
is precision

Our production is divided up into small, specialist teams, which allows us to react in a quick and flexible manner. We work on five machines, each differing in size, giving us the capability to produce different quantities and batch sizes.

Our teams! 

Produktion team 1

Team 1 consists of two employees. They are responsible for weighing and preparing all the raw materials (resins, additives, pigments and fillers) for the production orders.

As a joke, they call themselves the “Hulks” as they heave bags and drums weighing up to 210 kg through the factory. What they like most about their job is the good working relationship they have with their colleagues from the other teams. 

The second team produces and packs the formulated A-components. To ensure that they are able to support each other at any given time, each of the seven members is capable of operating each of the five machines. Once the batch is finished, it is approved by our quality control, and subsequently the teams pack it into the corresponding containers, putting them on pallets and directing the finished goods to the shipping department.

The fact that they are able to organise their workload mostly by themselves and, in their words, that the whole of the production team is like one big family pleases them the most.

Produktion team 2

Produktion team 3

Team 3 comprises three members who are respon-sible for filling and packing the corresponding B-components. To help them with their work, we additionally installed a fully automated filling machine in 2017.

As is the case with their colleagues, they add to the good working atmosphere, working well together with the other team, and they have the freedom to organise their workload themselves.

The only woman in our production is responsible for labelling all the containers that we ship from our facility worldwide. It goes without saying that this has to be done in accordance with the laws in each country.

Produktion etikettieren

Our team leader supervises all the processes within production and is responsible for the smooth operation and workflow. He is always on hand to answer any questions his colleagues may have and offer them assistance.

Although our employees work in small teams, they mutually support each other and there is a strong team spirit. Everyone is ready to assist and give a helping hand, whenever required.

An account of the workings of her department by Jana Mauersberger