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Warehouse - is it a purely male thing?

The warehouse plays an important role

In order to guarantee a seamless logistical process, it’s vital that all departments and employees within VIACOR are working together perfectly.

Before you get to see or walk on synthetic or synthetic resin flooring, it has already been on a complex but quick journey.

Here at VIACOR we know that time is money and that’s why we dedicate ourselves to the entire logistical process, starting at the point where the product is ordered, through to it being delivered on time to our customers.

In order to guarantee a seamless logistical process, it’s vital that all departments and employees within VIACOR are working together in perfect harmony, and this is where the warehouse plays an important role. There is space for over 1,000 Euro-pallets, of which 75 % are reserved for raw materials and 25 % are for the finished products. In addition, there is also heated storage space for temperaturesensitive raw materials and a hazardous materials warehouse for flammable liquids. This is organized by two teams.

Team 1

consists of two employees, Willy Schmidt and me, who are responsible for the administration and organisation of the warehouse. The tasks consist of processing orders in line with inventory control, where we work closely with production, entering incoming stock and movements of stock, and creating the order picking and delivery note paperwork. We also calculate the number of pallets required for each order and manage the loading of containers being shipped overseas.

Team 2

The second team is made up of Axel Hiller, Michael Schaible and Steffen Heumesser, and they are responsible for the operational workings within the department. In addition to the daily stock turnover, other important duties they perform include goods received, including samples for quality control, ensuring there are enough raw materials for the production department, proper and correct order picking and packing, and loading in line with the legal requirements.

This is why it’s vital that both teams can rely on each other and that the different tasks and responsibilities work together seamlessly.

This applies equally, if not even more, for cross-departmental cooperation. VIACOR is perfectly placed to be able to deliver high-quality products on time because the interfaces to purchasing, quality control, prototype construction, order processing and manufacturing all work so well together.

In 2017 we processed in excess of 2,100 orders from our warehouse and loaded over 100 overseas containers. This corresponds to ca 4,500 tonnes of material, which was securely and quickly sent on its way.

A super performance by all concerned!

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