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VIASOL UREA S6600 convinces with functionality and appearance

VIASOL UREA S6600 – UV and color stable, transparent, glossy and low in emissions

The new sealer impresses with its high chemical and mechanical resistance and also scores with extremely low emissions!

VIACOR is constantly working on expanding and improving the current portfolio

With the new product VIASOL UREA S6600, the existing product can be replaced and brought to a new level! The new polyurea sealer impresses with the following significant innovations:

  • Processing: In order to make handling even easier, the new product impresses with significantly improved and very easy processing. The increase in viscosity during application is in a very small and imperceptible range. The curing time has also been further optimized.

The surface also glosses with a fresh shine after application

  • Appearance: A homogeneous and uniform surface with increased transparency appears and hardens to a glossy finish. The aliphatic sealer is also free from yellowing and is therefore UV and weather-resistant.
  • Emissions: As with the entire product range, the issue of emissions also played an important role with the VIASOL UREA S6600. The two-component sealer does not require any solvents at all and is therefore extremely low in emissions. The product can therefore boast the Green Line Eco and TÜV PROFICERT Premium sealers.

The VIASOL UREA S6600 is used in our VIASOL DESIGN systems

  • VIASOL DESIGN QCV conductive