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The treasure hunt in marketing

The customer loyalty is key

The treasure hunt in marketing for the best reference objects or why it is so hard to receive information despite customers enthusiastic about flooring systems

When leaving the construction site, we are fired up and full of new ideas.

The ability to view each separate product from diverse perspectives gives rise to many ideas, which we dis-seminate through project reports, posts, news items and newsletters.


We started a new project as a case study with a customer who had already completed many projects with VIACOR.

A date for a photoshoot was agreed. Our journey was Rottenburg to Ulm and back. Unfortunately a machine was broken and our visit was in vain. Another date was agreed. This time the site manager had forgotten the date. In the end no further date was possible, the case study came to nothing and we had neither story nor pictures.
Six months later we did manage to complete a similar project with the same customer, and this time it went like clockwork.


All applications of the product which Marketing meets in the world outside VIACOR are educational.

  • Explanation of corrosion protection prior to coating, or what has to be considered in the 3rd level of an underground car park comes from renovation experts
  • Experts on decorative floorings show us tricks for designer floorings with different coloured coatings.
  • On every construction site we meet craftsmen who live their work and can talk for hours about it. This is valuable application experience.
  • The German Fed Cup team plays and wins on our tennis courts with Angelique Kerber and Julia Görges, and we experience the training up close.