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VIACOR Magazine 2 "The catwalk floor"

Ready for more?

Das VIACOR / PORPLASTIC Magazine goes in the second round! We are proud of us!

The feedback we received from the first varied from “sensational”, “wow, it’s amazing”, “fantastic”, “great, now we get to know much more about you”,

to “you’re all crazy”, “really inspiring”, “I knew you were different”, “unbelievably innovative”, “it’s impressive that a company of your size is able to do something like this” to “too much text”, “waste of money”, “just another magazine”, “did you really do that?”, “what are the benefits of doing this?”, “I don’t have time to read this”, and so on. In summary, it left an impression and gave people some food for thought, and it also reinforced to us what it is we do and who we are!

Table of contents


  1. Editorial
    Ready for more

  2. The Court, The Challenge
    Porsche Tennis Grand Prix | We are entitled to satisfy the image as world brand.

  3. The winner
    An Interview mit Laura Siegemund.

  4. Polyurea- / Polyurea-Hybrid-spray-coating
    – machine-applied polyurea or polyurea hybrid spray-coatings –established worldwide as efficient waterproofing membranes

  5. Workshop in Asia
    Our first customer seminar for floor coatings at VIACOR ASIA

  6. The catwalk floor
    Spectacular catwalk at the cooperation event „VOGUE loves Breuninger“ by Team Pera

  7. VIASOL intermediate layers
    In order to achieve special technical characteristics, but also in order to meet optical requiremements, different intermediate layers are needed.

  8. Next to FSB
    We gave our partners and potential customers the opportunity to meet with us off-site during the FSB

  9. Giving back something to the world
    Support of sports clubs. Children need time for their personal development and goals.

  10. Production - man's business?
    Who is working in the „producing“ heart of VIACOR and who is „the“ logistics? The strong ones moving floor every day.

  11. Warehouse- man's business?
    Who is working in the „producing“ heart of VIACOR: 2.100 orders, more than  100 oversea containers= 4.500 Tonnen Material.

  12. The power of raw material manufacturers
    The power of the raw material manufacturers and the herewith implied price fight

  13. Tommy Dahl
    From tennis pro to business man and  PORPLASTIC Sports Director

  14. From studying to starting work
    the first salary comes – but also a lot ofchallenges

  15. News and Information by VIACOR
    Interesting internal and external information on VIACOR in brief

  16. Are you searching information?
    Contact person Speak to the right contactperson!

Zeit haben ist ausschließlich ein Ausdruck von Interesse. Mit was geben wir uns ab, wie beschäftigen wir uns und, ja, welche Ziele haben wir?

VIACOR ist ein ewiger Jungbrunnen für Energie, Kreativität und Kraft! Neue Produkte, Systeme, Lösungen, Partnerschaften, Freundschaften, Services, ganzheitliche Weiterbildung, sportliche Aktivitäten, Sponsoring, Freude am Sein, Inspiration, stetige Herausforderungen, persönliche Entwicklung, Spaß und Freude im Leben! Nichts ist so sicher wie die Veränderung. Dies begrüßen und fördern wir.

Wir wünschen Ihnen ganz herzlich viel Freude beim Stöbern und Lesen.