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Synthetic resins in winter

Synthetic resins in winter

What is to be noted in the cold season regarding delivery and processing of epoxid- and polyurethane resins

Important information regarding delivery and processing.

What is to be noted in the cold season regarding delivery and processing of epoxid- and polyurethane resins

Please note that

regarding delivery and processing of synthetic resins in the cold season special measures need to be taken and to be taken into account for the site planning accordingly.

The chemical and physical curing times of our products which are made from reaction resin are, amongst other things, dependent on the air, floor and material temperatures. This means that there could be some unforeseen side-effects to processes. Longer curing and reaction times and therefore longer waiting times for recoating, lower strength/resistance when starting work on new surfaces, and in extreme cases, incomplete binding of products with 2 or more components such as carbamate formation, and also further humidity damage caused by dewpoint temperatures can result. Furthermore, the consumption values of the materials being used is increased due to the higher viscosity.

Therefore, we advise you to consider and refer to the minimum and maximum temperatures which are listed on each of the individual product technical data sheets.

Other measures which need to be adhered to when scheduling construction site works include:

  • Punctual material scheduling for your construction site deliveries as logistics companies can also be affected by weather conditions.
  • Deliveries should be made at least one day before the start of any works and the temperature of the materials should be adjusted to the necessary processing temperatures.
  • The areas to be coated should be temperature-controlled to the minimum necessary temperatures required for air, underground and the materials which are being used. Underfloor heating temperatures should be turned down or switched off both before and during the application.

ATTENTION: With watery products, fan heating can lead to a quick drying out of the water film on the surface and cause a skin formation. Do not use any gas or fan heating which burn oil in the building, as these can lead to a dew point shift.

As an alternative you can use the quick and low temperature curing VIASOL reaction resin. Please contact our Sales or Technical Team who will advise you on further information about possible alternatives.

Frost-sensitive products such as watery EP-coatings or EP and PUR-sealants must be transported by special cooling transportation for technical reasons and in this case a freight surcharge will be applied. This is in line with our quality standards and we hope you understand our reasons for this.

We ask that you plan your work-scheduling measures well in advance for your own interest. Any claims for compensation arising from materials which are difficult to use (or handle or process), increased material usage or for any damage caused by weather conditions, cannot be made.

If you have any questions, please contact us either by telephone on +49-7472-9499930 oder per E-Mail service@viacor.de