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Stressable industrial floorings

Highly stressable industrial floorings for production and logistics

Highly stressable floor coatings are robust and durable, regardless whether heavy point-loading stresses or chemical usage.

These industry floors prove their resilience anew every day and in the long-term.

The special systems by VIACOR are made to resist these particular stresses.

Regardless whether heavy point-loading stresses the floor through high-rack substructures or heavy rolling loads through transport vehicles, whether air cushion-operated automated vehicles additionally require absolute levelness or ramps need to be suitable for heavy-duty transports.

For example, we apply high-performance laminating resin in special load-distributing layers and particular reinforcement fabric so that all these traverse the VIASOL floor coatings without a trace.

In a specialised construction, we implement the VIASOLCOMPACT floors also as industry- and pharma-terrazo.

System advantages

multi-layered systems with complex layer structures or large layer-thickness, relevant norms;
DIN 18202: Tolerances in building construction - levelness floors:

measuring point spacing in m 0,1 1 4 10 15
Limit value in mm:          
Line 1 (subbase) 10 15 20 25 30
Line 2 (screed) 5 8 12 15 20
Line 3 (floor coating) 2 4 10 12 15
Line 4 (increased req.) 1 3 9 12 15

DIN 1504-2: Products and systems for the protection and maintenance of concrete support structures
DIN 13813: Screed mortar and screed materials - properties and requirements
Properties: Air pillow-suited in fulfilling the chart, line 4

System advantages

  • extremely resilient, permanently for very high mechanical loads
  • high shock resistance
  • resistant to temperature changes
  • statically fissure-bridging with textile
  • self-levelling, seamless
  • good chemical resilience and abrasion-proof
  • hygienic, closed pores and liquid-sealed
  • smooth, easy to clean
  • resistant to rearward permeating moisture
  • available in many colours or Colorit-quartz combinations
  • full-surface, high-level variant with special load-distribution layer, air-pillow suited

The fissure-bridging coating system with glass-fabric support for heavy mechanical loads and severely torn subbases, air-pillow suited
System thickness approx. 3 - 6 mm

The artificial resin-screed-system for increased to heavy duty mechanical and chemical stresses with an attractive multi-colour look
System thickness 5 - 9 mm

Should you have questions concerning highly-stressed industry floors, our sales team is available to you.
phone: +49 7472 94999-0