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Seminars at VIACOR

The processing of the new materials in the coating market

The fast processable, fast curing and economical industrial floor systems as well as the innovative new surface protection systems for parking areas were topics in the 2022 seminar series.


The preparations paid off!

Of course a bit restricted by the Corona requirements, but that is already part of everyday life for everyone.

Finally asking, discussing, explaining, answering, presenting and laughing again. It is important for everyone to be able to experience something together again.

After the invitations had been sent, the dates were fully booked within a few days. The number of seminars had to be increased from three to five. In addition, Irene Held created a waiting list for further registrations. We were literally overrun.

The following topics on innovative floor coatings were presented in theory and practice:

We congratulate the companies

A. Müller AG, Bekor GmbH ZNL Süd, Betec Beschichtungstechnik GmbH, Dekorative Beschichtungen UG, Durak Bodenbeschichtung, Ed. Züblin, epoflor GmbH, HG. Unterreiner Fußbodentechnik, Interplastics Trading and Development, Inside-Plan Flooring Systems GmbH, Otto Scheurer Bautenschutz GmbH und WE-Bautenschutz GmbH as certified specialist companies for the VIASOL DECK rapid M system.

The system is characterized by the following properties:

  • Fast and low-temperature curing (open to traffic after 48 hours)
  • Tested for low emissions
  • Manual processing
  • Highest wear resistance
  • 90% sand reduction
  • Odorless
  • Free of plasticizers
  • Short installation times
  • No rashes
  • More climate friendly
  • Tested according to DIN EN 1504-2 and DIN V18026, RILI SIB 2001, class OS10
  • Increased dynamic crack bridging class B4.2 at -20°C
  • Parking Abrasion Test (PAT) 20,000 cycles - no wear


We would like to thank all colleagues and those involved for their commitment. The successful events reflect the great effort and commitment of each individual.