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Restoration for concrete parts

Concrete restoration: injection resing adhesive surface EP-mortar system

The renovation of concrete due to corrosion, cracks, spallings etc. We fulfill requirements according to the valid european standards like DIN EN 1504

VIASAN Building Protection-The proven and economical maintenance for concrete parts

The stresses on the concrete are tremendous!

large changes in temperatures across the seasons and within just a few hours (sunshine following freezing nights) affect severe thermal changes in length; significant tensile forces through snow, wind and cables stress the statics; permeating moisture initiates the carbonisation. Fissures, spalling, torsion damages and corrosion are inevitable consequences.

If the refurbishing is meant to produce lasting success, the applied materials need to be optimally adapted to the physical properties of the concrete. This is where the products of VIASAN series come into play: epoxy resins and pure acrylates that were specifically developed by us and tested for their long-term use.

The VIASAN refurbishment concept for concrete parts: perfectly tailored for the special application

For each partial step, perfectly adapted, developed and tested products of the VIASAN series are available.

  • After removing the damaged material, fissures are filled with injection resin, breakouts pre-treated with a special adhesive base and then re-profiled with an EP-mortar system that is set up for the depth of damage.
  • In the case of torsion damages, a glass-fibre and EP-laminating-resin combination is used.
  • Hygric tensions are minimised by applying ventilating and de-airing drills; the inner wall is hydrophobised for removing moisture
  • Finally, the entire pole is deep-temperature-fissure bridged and vapour-diffusion coated. The special system has a CO2-diffusion resistant effect.

Die sanierten Masten weisen auch nach vielen weiteren Jahren keine neuen Schäden auf.

Bereiche - Sanierung von:

  • vertikalen Betonteilen
  • Betonmasten in der Energieversorgung im Mittelspannungsnetz
  • Betonmasten in der Stromversorgung von S-Bahnen, U-Bahnen etc.
  • Betonteilen im städtebaulichen Umfeld