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Otto F. Rödl - pure passion

A salesman for floor coating with heart and soul for floor coatings

A profile about our Otto, who is known in this industry like no second.

A salesman for floor coating with heart and soul. Otto F. Roedl, the son of a businessman, grew up in Tuebingen and dreamt of becoming a salesman or jeweller.

Despite his senior management status (authorised officer) he remains a doer and carer, who goes and measures the conductivity himself when needed. No one knows as much about flooring materials, building sites and products as he does.

Name: Otto F. Rödl

Birthday: 09. Februar 1957

Position/Position: Authorised Officer, Sales Director

With VIACOR since: 01. April 2008

Languages: German, English

Lives in: Ofterdingen

Place of Birth: Tübingen

Interests: Chemistry, Astronomy

Hobbies: Sport, Fitness training

Family status: Married with 2 children

Special talents: Optimistic attitude

Favourite country: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Next holiday destination: Spain, Iceland

Favourite food: Roulades

My best cooked dish: Goulash

My favourite lunch break destination is: Restaurant Krokodil

Early start or late finish: Both

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Sweet or salty: Salty

Favourite VIACOR floorings: All

Favourite VIACOR product: All

Dream job when you were young: Salesman, Jeweller

Which 3 things do you always carry with you: Cigarettes, lighter, mobile phone

Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you at work: There isn’t one (disgraced every day)

Your next professional goal: Retirement

The thing that shaped you the most during your career: Bad managers, I never wanted to be one

Something you always wanted to tell us? As I’ve never told anyone, I’ll keep it to myself

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