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Manually applied OS10 system without wear

VIASOL DECK rapid M with manually applied sealing membrane

The best surface protection system OS 10 without wear and free from plasticizers.

Durability, installation time and functionality are the most important criteria of a surface protection system for parking areas.

The VIASOL DECK rapid M System is a revolutionary new product. This system provides more than 30 years experience in "surface protection of parking areas" and a forward-looking view in the direction of sustainability, safety at work and ressource planning.

The VIASOL DECK rapid M multi-storey car park system is a normal/rapid-curing car park deck coating system with a separate, manually applied sealing membrane.

In comparison with the VIASOL DECK rapid system, you do not need any 2-component high-pressure spraying system on the building site. The pre-filled wear layer reduces the workload, as additional sprinkling and separate sealing are not necessary. The surfaces are capable of bearing the full load after 48 hours. The system meets the criteria for increased dynamic crack bridging with class B4.2 measured at  20°C for multi-storey car parks, exposed parking areas and bridge paths with pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

The "ready to use" wear layer is extremely resistant to abrasion and is at the same time UV and colour-stable. The tensile adhesion strength values lie between 3 and 4 N/mm². The system conforms to EN 1504-2, DIN V 18026 and RILI SIB 2001 class OS10. At the same time, the VIASOL DECK rapid M system conforms to EN 15532-1 N 3 for ramp seals. The system is free from plasticizers and impresses through the use of renewable raw materials.

All advantages at a glance

  • Fast and low temperature curing (open to traffic after 48 hours)
  • Manual application
  • Highest wear resistance
  • 90% sand reduction
  • Odourless
  • Short installation times
  • 0% plasticizer
  • No rashes
  • environmental friendly
  • Checked according to DIN EN 1504-2 and DIN V18026, RILI SIB 2001, class OS10
  • Increased dynamic crack bridging class B4.2 at -20 ° C
  • Parking Abrasion Test (PAT) 15000 cycles VK1 – extreme low abrasion
  • Chemically resistant to oils, petrol, diesel and de-icing salt
  • Anti-slip properties for pedestrians and vehicles
  • classification Broof(t4)
  • Fire classification for roof coverings according to EN 13501-5