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New hard court tennis surface scores with high durability

The technological inner workings take the hard court game to the next level.

The PORPLASTIC hard court system differs enormously from the multitude of providers: PU instead of acrylic

Not only durable and robust!

With the PORPLASTIC Tennis comfort pro hard court structure, we consciously rely on future-oriented raw materials

"Advantage" for the new hard court tennis flooring system: : PORPLASTIC Tennis comfort pro

If you want to experience that center-court feeling in your own club, serve with the new PORPLASTIC tennis comfort pro! The technological inner workings take the hard court game to the next level.

The advantages of the new PORPLASTIC tennis comfort pro system:

Tennis Hardcourt Flooring System

Dominance in the area of ​​scratch resistance and abrasion ensure an extremely high resilience and thus a long service life of the court.

The further developed PU-sealing not only improves the grip feeling. The enormous resistance to the effects of the player and the environmental influences on the tennis hard court significantly increase the lifespan of your tennis surface. Especially with tennis on a hard court, which is considered to be the fastest surface, the stress is particularly high. In addition, the tennis hard court is UV-resistant and weather-stable.

Hardcourt in Norway

Maintenance Winner! No spring repair or watering of the court necessary

The differences in tennis court surfaces also play a major role when it comes to maintenance. The material used in the PORPLASTIC Tennis comfort pro reduces the voluntary commitment required in the club to a minimum. There are no bumps to level, no need to trawl space, and no need to clear lines. With the construction of a tennis hard court on your club premises, you receive a maintenance-free tennis surface.

Hard court in a tennis stadium in Cairo

Constant play! The stable and level surface allows for a consistent ball bounce and reliable course speed.

The PORPLASTIC tennis comfort pro tennis floor surface enables you to consistently have a reliable ball bounce on the entire tennis court surface. Bouncing the ball belongs to the past, which is particularly important at high tennis speeds. Unlike tennis grass courts or sand courts, there are no bumps or stepping holes.

Tennis Hardcourt Surface

Green Line Eco tennis flooring

The PORPLASTIC Tennis comfort pro has received the Green Line Eco seal and is therefore characterized as a particularly low-emission hard court. Especially in indoor halls and the size of a tennis court as well as the direct physical contact of the athlete with the court, the emissions of volatile organic compounds should be checked. With the PORPLASTIC Tennis comfort pro hard court structure, we consciously rely on future-oriented raw materials.

Tennis hall hardcourt

Made in Germany

The development and production of our tennis floor systems takes place exclusively in Germany. It is particularly important to us to bring extremely low-emission products onto the market, so that, for example, all formulations are free of plasticizers.

ITF Medium Fast

Ball speed PORPLASTIC TENNIS comfort pro

the ITF (International Tennis Federation) divides the tennis courts into five different speed classes based on the court pace rate, from class 1 (=slowest surface tennis) to 5 (=fastest surface tennis). According to the official ITF tests, the PORPLASTIC tennis comfort is classified in speed class 4.

Tennis hardcourt installation

Colors, colors, colors!

Where better to play tennis than on custom-made terrain? With the new system, you can customize the color composition according to your wishes. The tennis court can be combined in any color.

Why PORPLASTIC TENNIS comfort pro?

The PORPLASTIC hard court system differs enormously from the multitude of providers:

PU instead of acrylic. Thanks to the polyurethane-based composition, we achieve special scratch and abrasion resistance and make the system extremely durable. Even cracks do not appear with the water-based PU after a certain period of wear due to the UV-resistant and weather-resistant protective layer.

How much does a tennis hard court cost?

This varies from pad to pad. The fastest surface in tennis is also one of the most sustainable. The tennis hard court costs are even lower compared to tennis all-weather court costs. After investing in a PORPLASTIC Tennis comfort pro, there are no costs for watering or sanding for each season. In addition, you save yourself the many hours of work that are often done through voluntary work. The acquisition costs of a tennis hard court are usually higher than the acquisition costs of an all-weather court or clay court. But due to the non-existent maintenance and repair costs, these acquisition costs are amortized very quickly and are therefore the cheapest solution in the medium and long term.

Tennis court renovation costs

The PORPLASTIC Tennis comfort pro is particularly suitable for an inexpensive and simple renovation. Should you decide to renovate the hard court after a certain period of use, the entire system does not have to be removed and reinstalled. It is sufficient to sand and clean the top layer and then just reapply the sealer. Compared to relocating the entire system, the renovation costs are low and the PORPLASTIC Tennis comfort pro is like new again in your facility.

Auditions on a PORPLASTIC TENNIS hard court!

Are you interested in testing our PORPLASTIC tennis court system? We will be happy to help you with test plays on reference objects in your area.

Would you like a PORPLASTIC TENNIS comfort pro in your tennis club? Then leave a message at info@viacor.de and we will get back to you immediately!

PORPLASTIC RedClay pro in Padel-Tennis

Padel tennis has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years. The trend sport is played in a cage, in which the walls delimit the playing field and are included in the game. The fast tennis flooring system PORPLASTIC Tennis comfort pro is therefore optimally suited to guarantee spectacular rallies and lasting fun.

Substructure preparations hard court

In order to be able to lay the PORPLASTIC tennis comfort pro tennis floor system on your tennis court (indoor or outdoor), the subsurface must be prepared accordingly. As a rule, a tested, standard-compliant cement substrate is required, which is stable, has no cracks or cavities and has an adhesion value > = 1.0 N/mm² (DIN EN ISO 4624) and a residual moisture content of < 6%- cm.

What shoes should I wear on a hard court?

Basically, the shoe should be comfortable and have good cushioning. All models are usually playable on hard courts. The classic clay court shoes are less suitable, as they can wear out more. We recommend an all-court sole with appropriate cushioning. The structure should be smooth enough so that it is still possible to slide into the ball.


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