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New low-emission mortar resins


AgBB-approved low-emission mortar resins for mortars and fillets as well as for epoxy resin screeds in the VIASOL COMPACT series

The mortar resin VIASOL EP-T1709 can be used to produce low-emission epoxy resin mortar for filling imperfections, for producing leveling mortars or for fillets and triangular skirtings.

Furthermore the resin VIASOL EP-T1709 with the fillers VIASOL QS35 and QS40 produces directly usable low-emission, pore-closed synthetic resin screeds. When using the translucent pigmented VIASOL EP-T1709P variation, these directly usable synthetic resin screeds can also be produced in color. The synthetic resin screeds are adjusted with the specially developed quartz sand grading lines VIASOL QS 35 and QS 40 so that they no longer need a pore filler, but can be used immediately.

VIASOL EP-T1709 and VIASOL EP-T1709P can be used as a bonding agent for the processing of synthetic resin mortars in a wet-in-wet installation, but are not suitable as a primer or for leveling mortar.

We have extended our system series VIASOLCOMPACT with the following low-emission systems for indoor areas:

VIASOL COMPACT green line eco
VIASOL COMPACT color green line eco

Please request the test certificates by e-mail info(at)viacor.de. The current product and system data sheets are available at www.viacor.de. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.