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Private wine cellar Rolf Willy

flooring with high resistance against discoloration for the wine production

High resistance against discoloration, anti-skid surface, easy to clean and maintain were the most imporant factors when choosing the material for the flooring system.

Quality wine paired with quality flooring

The Rolf Willy private wine cellar, which was founded in 1969, is one of the largest private wine producers in southern Germany. Now in its third generation, the Willy family from Nordheim produce very successful, award-winning wines, sparkling wines, liquors and other specialities.

Customer Wish-List and requirements:

  • High chemical resistance especially against chlorine and alkaline-based materials
  • Discolouration resistant against a wide variety of materials especially wine
  • UV- and colour stability
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Anti-slip surface R 10 – R 12
  • Sympathetic and pleasant design
  • Low in emissions (AgBB)

The flooring system VIASOL DESIGN QCV GREEN LINE ECO fulfills all requirements of the Willys.