Multi-Storey car park in Dresden coated with VIASOL DECK spray rapid
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Warm welcome! We introduce you to the new innovative coating systems for parking areas.

The world could be so simple.

As easy as the new innovative VIASOL DECK coating systems for parking areas. VIASOL DECK OS 10 systems are cost-saving, time-saving and sustainable!

OS 10 car park flooring system with spraycoating

VIASOL DECK spray rapid is the measure of all things in surface protection for multi-storey car parks with a spray-applied waterproofing membrane

With a time-saving three-layer system structure, the time until the area can be used can be significantly reduced.

The system structure of VIASOL DECK spray rapid:

OS 10 Car park deck coating system with separate, manually applied waterproofing

VIASOL DECK M rapid is the measure of all things in surface protection for multi-storey car parks with a manually applied waterproofing membrane

Even with the manual waterproofing layer, the three-layer system structure significantly reduces the installation time before the area can be used.

The system structure of VIASOL DECK M rapid:


Construction site costs can be significantly reduced compared to conventional surface protection systems:

  • Saving of up to 30% labor costs
  • Saving of up to 90% of the quartz sand to be procured
  • Reduction of missed sales due to the unusable space up to 70%


Fewer work steps compared to conventional surface protection systems reduce the time required on the construction site and ensure more efficient use of time:

  • 50% less work steps (3 instead of 6)
  • Reduction of working time up to 30%
  • Reduction of waiting times between operations 33%
  • Reduction of downtimes up to 70%
  • Fewer different materials on the construction site simplify logistics and save transport times


The innovative products ensure an improved ecological balance of the construction project and at the same time higher occupational safety:

  • Avoidance of up to 25% of journeys to the construction site
  • Avoiding up to 90% of dust generation and carrying heavy loads caused by quartz sand on the construction site
  • Avoid up to 90% of the disposal of excess quartz sand
  • Plasticizer-free products
  • Almost odorless processing and tested low emissions
  • Particularly high wear resistance for longer renovation cycles
  • Fewer different materials reduce supply chain emissions

Comparison of VIASOL DECK OS 10 systems over time

comparison OS 10 Systeme

In direct comparison to conventional OS 10 or OS 11a systems based on PUR/EP, time savings of several days can be achieved with the VIASOL DECK spray rapid and VIASOL DECK M rapid systems.

With conventional systems, six work steps are normal: priming (1), sealing layer (2), wear layer (3), sprinkling in quartz sand (4), sweeping away excess quartz sand (5) and sealing (6). The area is usually only passable after a waiting period of several days.

In contrast, the VIASOL DECK systems only require the work steps of priming (1), sealing layer (2, applied mechanically or manually) and wear layer (3). Due to the fast-curing polyurea base of the wear layer, the system can be driven on the very next day in many environmental conditions.

The greatest advantages of the new VIASOL OS 10 coating systems at a glance

  • Fast and low temperature curing (can be driven on within 48 hours)
  • Tested for low emissions
  • Highest wear resistance: Parking Abrasion Test (PAT) 20,000 cycles - no wear
  • 90% saving of sand
  • Tested for low emissions
  • Odorless
  • Plasticizer free
  • Short installation times
  • No tangles
  • more climate friendly
  • Tested according to DIN EN 1504-2 and DIN V18026, RILI SIB 2001, class OS10
  • Increased dynamic crack bridging class B4.2 and IVT+V at -20°C
  • Optional manual or machine processing of the seal

OS 10 coating systems - the modular system for every parking area

OS 10 kit

The VIASOL DECK OS 10 systems correspond to a modular system. The modular system enables the preferred product to be selected at every level of the coating system. This makes it particularly easy to put together the best possible OS 10 system according to the individual requirements of each construction project.