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From studying to starting work

From studying to starting work and taking on responsibility

Many graduates view the end of their studies with mixed feelings.

Some even feel some apprehension about the future.

After all, working life is so completely different to being a student. The half, even free days, are a thing of a past. But if, like me, you combine your studies with work, you become prepared for the everyday world of work.

Sometimes when you start working, during those first few weeks you get a guilty conscience when you really enjoy the feeling of finishing work at the end of the day

The same applies to taking holidays, although you have to coordinate this with your work colleagues and you only have a certain amount of holiday allowance, but you’re able to really switch off much better during work

My field of study, Business Studies Service Management, Media and Communication combines a knowledge of media with business. The students gain an understanding in the areas of media, service, organisation and communication.

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