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Floor coating in concrete look

Trend in floor coatings

The trend in floor coatings made of epoxy resin or polyurethane are surfaces with a concrete look or a marbled surface.

Concrete look is becoming a trend in many living areas

Living with an industrial character is becoming more and more popular and there are countless ways to implement this

The trend in floor coatings are surfaces with a concrete look or a marbled surface. This look is achieved with various coating techniques in the area of ​​liquid plastic.

This can be achieved with a hard epoxy resin floor coating or with an elastic floor coating out of polyurethane. For this purpose, a fundamental decision must be made as to where this floor coating is to be laid.

The concrete look In order to be able to achieve this effect with liquid plastic, this should be carried out by an experienced specialist company.

A specialist company mixes two or three colors at the same time and pours the material onto the floor in a specific order and then, depending on the pattern, processes it with a roller, trowel or squeegee.

The floor coating cannot be applied directly to the concrete. A primer must be applied as the first layer beforehand. If unevenness is to be leveled out, an additional leveling layer makes sense. Sealing to protect the floor is optional.

In both cases, the surface is homogeneously glossy or matt. It is therefore not haptically comparable to a concrete surface. The concrete-look floor coating appears softer and calmer than pure concrete.

Alternatives to floor coating

In order to be able to achieve the floor with a concrete look, there is the possibility of using real concrete. However, the long drying time of at least 1 week must be taken into account. A finisher should be applied in living areas as the surface rubs off when walked on. There is also the option of screed, which, however, has to be grinded and sealed.

There are already very large tiles with a concrete look in specialist tile stores. The advantage is the well-known laying technique, but unfortunately the seamless look is no longer given.

Concrete colored vinyl is available in rolls. Similar to polyurethane coating, vinyl is a soft substrate and there is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. The webs should be glued with great care, so that the webs do not come off at the edge.

Then there is a filler that needs to be applied. Processing takes some time, but after grinding and sealing, it comes very close to the concrete look.

How much does a concrete look floor cost?