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Fall protection coats for playgrounds

fall protection up to 3,30 m drop height

The best protection for playgrounds with monkey bars or climbing elements.

The future-oriented system solution for the safety of playground floors

Children’s playground should be clean, safe and friendly. The highly elastic Porplastic fall protection coats prevent accidents and protect kids from injuries: seamless surfaces without tripping hazards. There are virtually no limits to the colourful design.

The water-permeable system structure is tailored to local factors and the desired design.

In addition to the standard system layer thicknesses, we also produce any kind of special superstructures. Zones with or without fall protection requirements or varying drop heights overlap invisibly.

Application examples for fall protection:
Playgrounds with incline-, climbing- and swing-facilities, playing landscapes, play zones in schoolyards, public facilities, paths along kindergartens or schools or anywhere that would benefit from joint-sparing and secure-footed paths, amusement parks, toddler zones in public outdoor pools and other special building structures.

The certified system for each drop height - certifications as per DIN EN 1177 are present for all systems

critical drop height approx.. 1,30 m

critical drop height approx.. 1,70 m

critical drop height approx.. 2,30 m

critical drop height approx. 2,90 m

critical drop height approx. 3,30 m

System setup according to norm DIN EN 1177:

Highly elastic support layer

PURE-bound with recycling-rubber-granulates

  • Layer thickness approx. 30-90 mm, usually installed directly on to the unbound fine formation level (fine grit or gravel)
  • Application on to asphalt or concrete possible
  • Colourised surface layer

PURE-bound with EPDM granulates

  • Layer thickness approx. 10-15 mm


Limitless design possibilities

  • Mundane surfaces are transformed into colourful and appealing living spaces with PORPLASTICFUN fall protection layers. Especially in an urban surrounding and in small objects, they demonstrate their nearly unlimited colour and shape design possibilities.

The Porplastic partners contribute their years of experience in large and small projects, which are crucial in implementing creative drafts into practical playing areas. That way, unique projects are thus produced in close coordination and collaboration, which maintain their utility for many years.

Choice of colours: The colours of the EPDM granulates cannot be visualised print-technically as in reality. Request a colour sample. We glady produce customised mixtures - these lend a unique character to each object.