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Epoxy resin floor with functionality for industrial areas

Epoxy resin floors are suitable for many areas of application

A floor made of epoxy resin is mainly used in industry with functionality due to its extreme robustness.

Intended use of epoxy resin coatings

A floor made of epoxy resin is mainly used in industry due to its extreme robustness and depending on the material composition, the industrial floor can have special functionalities.

Epoxy resin floor by VIACOR

With our floor coating systems, the particularly robust and hard floor systems are made of epoxy resin. Epoxy resins, which are also called EP resins, are synthetic or reaction resins. Synthetic resins are processed as a multi-component product. In most cases out of two components: resin and hardener

Advantages of epoxy resin floors

The general advantages of using epoxy resin as a floor covering are used in many production facilities. An industrial floor made of EP products has the following advantages:

  • robust and abrasion-resistant
  • almost wear-free
  • extremely resilient
  • resistant to many chemicals
  • seamless and easy to clean
  • liquid tight
  • hygienic and decontaminable
  • can be realized in many colors and surface structure

Further advantages for processors when coating epoxy resin coating systems

  • can be coated on a variety of different substrates
  • easy processing
  • self-levelling products for an even finish
  • optionally slow or very fast curing time of a few hours (VIASOL EXPRESS)
  • good processing time
  • good recognizable A and B components
  • can be filled with filler
  • does not shrink when cured

Application areas for epoxy resin floors

Many different floor systems can be used in a company building. A laboratory has different requirements than a warehouse. Below are the most processed standard systems with one functionality.


Highly chemical-resistant industrial floors (industrial floor according to WHG)

Electrically conductive floor coatings (e.g. automotive, electronics)

Explosion protection in ex-zones for floor coatings (e.g. large bakeries)

For the demands of the industrial­flooring, several properties­are mostly necessary for each floor­system

We have special systems that have to be antistatic, non-slip and highly resistant to chemicals, for example. That would be for example the system VIASOL UNIVERSAL HBV voltex SR. Many of our tested VIASOL industrial floor systems made of epoxy resin   are equipped with several functions. Here you will find an overview of all industrial flooring systems:

 production facilities and Gastro & Healthcare

So that you can find your way around the designations, our nomenclature in brief:

GREEN LINE ECO = Low emissions (tested

EXPRESS = Rapidly processable and rapid-hardening systems Fast-hardening industrial floor systems

SR = slip resistant

HBV = Chemically highly resistant systems suitable for HBV plants (manufacture, treat, use)

WHG = Chemically highly resistant systems according to the Water Resources Act for LAU systems (storage, filling, handling)

voltex & conductive = Electrically (dissipative) conductive coating systems

ESD = Electrically conductive with increased requirements for ESD protection

M / spray (Systems) = Manual processing / mechanical (spray) processing

QCV = Dyed Color Quartz Sand (colored)

QNV = Natural quartz sand (in many colors)

UV = UV-stable

resist = Particularly wear-resistant system

aio = all in one – System built up with only one product

(UREA) HYBRID = Material combination of polyurea and polyurethane

soft = Particularly impact sound-insulating system using a liquid elastic layer

comfort = Particularly impact sound-insulating system using a foam mat

SKY = Products/systems with 3D effect fillers for a special appearance

How dangerous is epoxy resin?

Reactions with epoxy resin only take place during production and processing. After curing, entering or staying in rooms with epoxy resin coatings is safe. Floors made of epoxy resin are also a very suitable option when handling food. Optionally, EP resins with particularly low VOC emissions can be used for healthy indoor air for sensitive applications.

Protective clothing is strongly recommended when processing reaction resin. The decisive factor is the classification of the products, which can be read from the information on hazardous substances on the labels of the containers and in the safety data sheets.

Suitable protective gloves and goggles should be worn to avoid skin contact during mixing, stirring and actual floor coating. Although the VIASOL epoxy resins do not contain any volatile solvents, vapors can still rise with a few products. When recommended in the safety data sheets, a corresponding double filter mask with A2 filters is recommended.


A floor or industrial floor made of epoxy resin is a functional floor covering with many advantages. A multi-layer floor system can be individually recommended here, especially if there are special requirements for the floor. You can find many applications, also layer by layer, in our property reports. Viewing the safety data sheets for processing and wearing protective clothing is strongly recommended

Are you planning a new building or renovating a production facility? In addition, we offer professional advice and an on-site inspection by our specialists for examining the subsoil for your industrial floor.