Elastic floor for lounge area
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Design with a shine

Old becomes new

Office rooms become a chillout lounge

Elastic and sound reducing flooring system

Decorative elastic polyurethane coating system, very good UV- and colour stable, impact sound reducing, gentle to knees and joints, temperature pleasing to the feet, with light to medium mechanical and chemical resistance and a wide colour spectrum.

Stuttgart City

The Esselte Leitz GmbH & Co KG company refurbished several slightly aged office rooms into a chillout-lounge for its staff. The goal was to create a comfortable atmosphere – with one requirement: the floor colour had to conform to the wish of Esselte Leitz, the colour NCS S0580-G30Y.

A raised, anhydrite floor with various openings for old sockets and cable tunnels was located in the previous rooms. That is why the CBL company had to carry out substrate preparations first and fill the holes and finally finish by grinding.

The first layer that was applied by CBL was VIASOL EP-P285, a water-based coating which demonstrates a great adhesion to anhydrite. For an optimal further processing, the company chose the binder VIASOL EP-P285 in connection with a biaxial texture for the lamination and scratch coat. In order to close the pores and to produce a homogenous surface VIASOL PU-C525 was used as the third layer. The top coat VIASOL PU-C500, an aliphatic, colour solid polyurethane coating corresponded to the desired colour of Esselte Leitz. Applying chips to this PU-coating lead to a special effect and thereby a visual highlight was created. Finally, this high-gloss surface received a colourless, matt seal through the product VIASOL PU-S688N. This extraordinary room is provided with an impressive atmosphere thanks to this design floor and the pretty light incidence.


The system build-up:

  • UV sealer
    VIASOL PU-S688 N

  • self-levelling coating
    VIASOL PU-C500

  • Pore sealer
    VIASOL PU-C525

  • Primer
    VIASOL EP-P260