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Vehicle-traversable and fissure-bridging coating systems


Depending on the demands, the right surface protection system for for parking and transport areas

Artificial resin technology by VIACOR that is state-of-the-art and checked as per the current regulations make it possible:

Fissure-bridging systems for parking and transport areas are a demanding task for the coating technology.

VIASOL DECK 11a plus
VIASOL DECK rapid M - Das manuelle OS 10 System

The dual-layered, foot- and vehicle-traversable surface protection system with an increased, dynamic fissure-bridging capability for parking garages and decks according to Rili DAfStb OS 11a and/or OS 10 system thickness approx. 4-7 mm. the OS 10 coating systems are either manually or mechanically applicable surface protection systems.

VIASOL DECK 11b plus

The single-layered, foot- and vehicle-traversable surface protection system with an increased, dynamic fissure-bridging capability for parking garages and decks according to Rili DAfStb OS 11b system thickness approx 4-5 mm.


The single-layered surface protection system fit for traffic and heavy mechanical duty surfaces according to Rili DAfStb OS 8 system thickness 1.5 or 2.5 mm.

System advantages of the floor coating systems for underground garage and car parks:


  • dynamic fissure bridging according to OS 11 under regular mechanical strains
  • seamless, reliably sealing
  • low surface weight
  • stressable, extremely durable
  • very high resilience to chemicals (fuels, oils, de-icing salts, acids)
  • good abrasion-resistance for rolling traffic
  • ant-slip surface, even when wet
  • weather resilient
  • UV-resilient sealable
  • resistant to rearward permeating moisture
  • easy to clean, insensitive
  • available in various colours
  • fissure bridging as per IVT+V and B4.2 (DECK rapid)


System information:
certified, single- to double-layer surface protection systems

Technical regulations:
Directive “Protection and maintenance of concrete building parts of the German committee for steel concrete”, issue October 2001 incl. 2. correction December 2005

DIN V 18026: “Surface protection systems for concrete made of products as per DIN EN 1504-2” (July 2006) for new constructions as well as refurbishments;

VIASOLDECK 11a plus (certificate no. P7465-1b) as per OS 11 (OS F) structure a and VIASOLDECK 11b plus (certificate no. P7465-2b)as per OS 11 (OS F) structure b: Coating with increased dynamic fissure-bridging capability for car- and pedestrian-traversable surfaces. Fissure-bridging class IIT+V (-20°C)

VIASOL DECK OS8 (certificate no. P8531) as per OS 8: fixed coating for surfaces that fit for traffic and heavily mechanically stressed VIASOLPERM SR (certificate no. 8739a) as perOS8: vapour-diffusion open

VIASOL DECK rapid (EP) as per OS11a and OS10: quick coating- and sealing-system for vehicle- and pedestrian-traversable surfaces, fissure-bridging class IVT+V+V and B4.2 (-20°C)

VIACOR perspective – green and sustainable
The maintenance of our planet for future generation is close to our heart

  • Polyurethane as a natural, renewable raw material, extracted from the castor oil plant
  • fillers and pigments from natural resources such as, e.g. quartz sand
  • Sustainable investments: VIASOL floors are long-lived and can be revitalised at any time and without problems for further live-cycles.
  • We monitor our processes: ranging from the development to the procurement and production up to the finished product and its installation
  • We thereby guarantee high quality and eco-friendliness


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