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Renovation of car park in shopping mall in Bangsar

The floor was strongly damaged

The BSC-car park covers an area of 35.000 ² on four floors

VIASOL DECK PERM successfully installed in the car park of the shopping mall in Bangsar, Malaysia

BSC car park occupied four floors of basement at total of 35,000 m2 and has been operating almost 30 years. The car park flooring has deteriorated and was contaminated with oils, greases, surface cont

Due to the deteriorating condition, BRDB was searching for a reliable company and appropriate car park system for the basement floor. After intensive bidding process, VIACOR ASIA won and obtained the contract for the installation of car park coating with VIASOL PERM DECK.

VIASOL PERM DECK was applied at all basement floor due to its water-vapour permeability property which was a concern since they had three lower basements. This system, effectively ‘open’ to water vapour diffusion (breathable), allows water-vapour within concrete to evaporate without causing any osmosis blistering issue yet impervious to surface liquid.

Besroc Flooring Specialist Sdn. Bhd. was assigned to complete the installation within 6 months’ timeline as the shopping mall car park is still operating at the time. A close working relationship was formed with the owners to ensure smooth traffic flow as to cause minimum disruption to the shoppers. Fortnightly meetings were conducted and everyone kept abreast to ensure quality was met and job carried out in a timely manner.

A team work that could be a good example for future job involving material supplier VIACOR ASIA, applicator Besroc and client BSC management.