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Binder in floor coatings

What is a binder and when is it used?

A binder is essential for floor coatings in many respects and the quality decides on appearance and functionality.

When it comes to floor coatings, not only functionality is important.

The color of the stones or the granulate must not be influenced. The binding agent must not turn yellow, even after long exposure to the sun.

What is a binder?

A binder is a material that binds solid or liquid substances together and combines them into a whole. Binders are used in many areas, e.g. in food, cosmetics, cleaning agents, paints, plaster and cement mortar. The best-known thickening agents are pectins,   locust bean gum, carrageenan, cellulose ether, polyvinyl alcohol and silicates. Glues or adhesives are used to connect some workpieces. But gluing does not connect the fabrics to form a whole and can be easily separated again.

Which task does a binder have?

In the field of floor coatings, the functionality of the binder is very important. A high adhesion value must be achieved with the first layer between the substrate and the flooring system. The subsequent layers adhere firmly to the substrate. This is the only way for the floor coating to fulfill its functional properties, such as conductive, chemical-resistant, liquid-tight or anti-slip  resitance over a very long period of time.

What is the difference between organic and mineral binders?

The mineral thickeners consist of natural minerals from the earth, such as lime, gypsum, cement or anhydrite. Organic thickeners include bitumen, tar and synthetic resins. In the case of organic substances, processes such as heating, melting or dissolving make the binders functional in liquids.


Give your industrial and sports flooring systems a long service life and a flawless appearance with the high-quality binders. Our specially designed solutions ensure strong adhesion of the floor systems to the sub-floor, reducing wear and tear. Resistant to moisture and chemicals, our binders are the ideal choice for industrial, commercial and sporting applications. By using our binders, you increase the life of your floor and save money in the long term.

With VIASOL PU-T711, the excellent and transparent binder from VIACOR, you ensure a professional surface for your stone carpet projects This 1-component binder has been specially developed for use in stone carpet projects and offers high final strength as well as excellent resistance to diluted acids and alkalis, salt water and waste water as well as lubricants and fuels. The product is UV and color stable and cures to a glossy finish. It is based on high-quality, tough, aliphatic polyurethane resin and is characterized by low emissions, color stability, moisture curing, low odor, gloss, light fastness, freedom from solvents and weather resistance. With VIASOL PU-T711 you ensure a professional and durable stone carpet coating.

PORPLASTIC T770 is used in sports flooring as a binder for the production of elastic rubber granulate elastic layers and EPDM granulate coverings, e.g. for ball fields, multi-purpose fields, school sports facilities, running tracks, tennis courts and in the construction of fall protection surfaces. PORPLASTIC T770 is a transparent, solvent-free 1-component binder. On the one hand, it mixes very well with the granules and, on the other hand, it does not run off into the substrate. It is also characterized by its long processing time. Depending on the type of coating, purpose of use, temperatures and humidity, we will adapt the binding agent for you. With PORPLASTIC T770 you ensure a durable and elastic sports floor coating.

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Meike Ulrich


Meike Ulrich

Business Unit Manager PORPLASTIC