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All-weather Tennis Court

The all-weather tennis court for outdoors and indoors

The all-weather tennis court with 365 days of playing pleasure a year and a reduction of up to 90% of the maintenance effort.

Since 2017, the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix (WTA 500 tournament) has been held on the year-round PORPLASTIC RedClay pro tennis surface!

If you are looking for a low-maintenance court that can be played all year round and still doesn't want to miss out on the clay court feeling, the PORPLASTIC RedClay pro is the perfect choice for you!

In professional tennis, the tennis court is put through its paces. Nothing is left to chance - perfect games with perfect ball behavior

The professional players, who regularly play the PORPLASTIC RedClay pro court on the big stage of international top tennis at the WTA Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart are also enthusiastic. Anke Huber, Sporting Director of the tournament: "This is an important factor for the players to play in Stuttgart. The "PORPLASTIC RedClay pro" system gives the players the feeling of being on a clay court."

As a long-standing premium partner, it was a pleasure for us again this year to see our PORPLASTIC RedClay pro courts in action on the big stage of international top tennis and we look forward to inspiring our customers all over the world in the coming seasons.

The advantages of the PORPLASTIC RedClay pro at a glance:

Play tennis 365 days a year!

Until the spring repairs (probably April) the clay court tennis facility is closed with immediate effect! With the PORPLASTIC all-season tennis surface, this warning belongs the past. With the RedClay pro you can also play tennis on a sunny December day, as long as there is no snow. Your season lengthens enormously during preparation and thus represents a clear competitive advantage over classic clay court clubs. In addition, you can make your club members an improved price-performance offer!

Up to 90% savings in care and maintenance costs!

The base layer of the PORPLASTIC RedClay pro is robust and even. This saves you a large number of working ­ hours, which you have to spend in comparison to the maintenance of a clay tennis court. This is an important factor, especially when it comes to volunteer work, which is becoming more and more valuable. Spring repairs, winterizing, adjusting the lines and leveling out stepping holes and unevenness are no longer necessary.

winter resistant lines, frost proof

So what's left to do?

Since the base layer is sprinkled with conventional tennis court sand and it is therefore a clay system, which understandably dries, watering is recommended. However, the RedClay pro system consists of significantly less sand than a clay tennis court, so you also need significantly less water for watering. In addition, some top clay material has to be sprinkled on from time to time. However, this to-do can be minimized by a targeted windbreak.

Which tennis shoes do I wear on the clay court when playing tennis

Joint-friendly tennis through gliding and strength reduction!

A clay tennis court is one of the particularly health conscious variants, since certain forces that act on the body during the many fast movements are weakened by the very good gliding properties of the clay court. This also applies to the RedClay pro. In addition, an independent test institute has confirmed the additional force reduction of the base layer of the system, so that the system is gentle on muscles, tendons and joints.

Successfully tested against the release of microplastics!

Having started out from the discussion about artificial turf surfaces in football and the release of microplastics into the environment, we were the first company to also take on this topic in the field of tennis. The PORPLASTIC RedClay pro was subjected to an enduring stress test by a renowned, independent testing institute. These include tests such as abrasion resistance, a thermographic analysis or 2000 hours of artificial weathering. The findings in the report summarize that no microplastics are released during this aging process.

Ball speed PORPLASTIC RedClay pro

the ITF (International Tennis Federation) divides the tennis courts into five different speed classes based on the court pace rate, from class 1 (=slowest surface tennis) to 5 (=fastest surface tennis). According to the official reviews of the ITF, the PORPLASTIC RedClay pro is classified in speed class 1 and therefore has the same ball speed as a classic one Clay court tennis.

Which tennis shoes do I wear on the clay court when playing tennis

What shoes should I wear on an all-season surface?

Basically, the shoe should be comfortable and have good cushioning. Otherwise, the same footwear as on clay court is recommended. The sole should have a herringbone pattern. This offers a very good grip and uncontrolled slipping can be prevented. We recommend beating the footwear on the court to leave the excess sand from the sole directly on the court.

Why PORPLASTIC RedClay pro?

With our PORPLASTIC all-weather tennis court, we clearly differentiate ourselves from other systems:

Development in our own company, we are constantly working on improving the composition of the material and the recipes, according to the feedback we receive on site and from the tennis clubs. Through the continuous investigations by independent testing institutes, whether in terms of performance or sustainability, we ensure outstanding quality, which Porsche AG has been able to rely on uninterruptedly since 2017 when hosting the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix.

How much does an all-weather tennis court cost?

How much does an all-weather tennis court cost? If you want to build an all-weather tennis court, you have higher investment costs at the beginning compared to classic clay courts. After investing in a PORPLASTIC RedClay pro, however, there are significantly lower costs for irrigation and resanding per season. In addition, you also save the many hours of work that are often done through voluntary work, so that the higher investment costs are amortized at the beginning by the lower maintenance and repair costs and the system is therefore the more economical solution in the medium and long term.

Auditions on a PORPLASTIC RedClay pro!

.Are you interested in testing our PORPLASTIC year-round tennis court system? We will be happy to help you with test plays on reference objects in your area.

Would you like a PORPLASTIC RedClay pro in your tennis club? Then leave a message at info@porplastic.de and we will get back to you immediately!

PORPLASTIC RedClay pro in Padel-Tennis

Padel tennis has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years. The trend sport is played in a cage, in which the walls delimit the playing field and are included in the game. The PORPLASTIC RedClay pro tennis floor system is therefore predestined to guarantee spectacular rallies and lasting fun.

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