ViaFloorWorld 4D

4D - Floor Configurator
Available for: Windows, macOS, Browser with WebGL

You decide your path and where you walk on

Our configurator is able to show you our systems in 3D rooms, where you are can move by yourself. Also footfall of the systems is available

Recommended browser: Mozilla Firefox
If your internet connection isn't the best, please download the configurator below

1. Choose a room
2. Select a system
3. Move with the keys W A S D and rotate your view with the mouse
4. Key M is for release and focus the mouse (open the menu)


Choose between Industrial / Decorative or Sports floors.

Industrial / Decorative


QCV - Sand - Mixer

Choose between many popular colors and sand types to generate your personal QCV template in our Template Room.


For a fast beginning we created a tutorial to show you the main functions.


Recommended: Firefox