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Extremly resistant PU-concrete flooring systems which can tolerate nearly anything

Viacrete - Extremly resistant concrete flooring systems

In places which supply appetising, fresh and controlled germ-free products, the floor must be able to withstand heavy contamination, constant exposure to water and to aggressive substances such as blood or urine. Wide variations in temperature from deep freeze conditions to steam cleaning are the order of the day. Only a few floor systems can cope with such conditions. The VIACRETE floor systems belong to this group.
The performance of our PU based mortar systems have been put through their paces and are meticulously applied by experienced partner companies.


Areas of application

VIACRETE polyurethane floorings have been developed and manufactured according to our customers floor requirements. The screed systems are recommended for applications subject to wet processing, chemical contamination and high temperature cleaning. VIACRETE Polyurethane floorings offer a notable benefit in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, meeting the stringent food manufacturing safety guidelines from HACCP, GMP, OSHA etc.


VIACRETE provides an antimicrobial technology which eleminates the replication of microbial up to 99%.

The reactive antimicrobial behaviour of VIACRETE systems:

  1. Surface of the floor is attacked permanently by ion positive and ion negative bacteria or viruses
  2. VIACRETE systems release a constant stream of silver ions that attack bacteria on first contact
  3. Up to 99,9% of all surface yeasts, moulds or bacteria are permanently destroyed
  4. The technology remains active for the lifetime of the floor, even when worn or damaged


VIACRETE floorings offer various benefits

Hygienic and safe surface finish:

Food Safety has become a major concern among consumers, food serving and catering, healthcare agencies, airports, schools and other sectors. The consequences for not meeting these requirements are serious including meeting the very  real threats posed by a potential foodborne illness. VIACRETE Polyurethane floorings are non-biodegradable and will not support bacterial or fungal growth. It provides a hygienic and safe environment in the factory operation. VIACRETE  Polyurethane flooring contains reactive antimicrobial additives that can eliminate up to 99.9 % of the bacteria and microbia and is used throughout the food and beverage and even in pharmaceutial industry in any environment where the highest standardof hygiene is required.

Slip restistance:

In wet process areas the appropriate surface profile is essential to provide a safe and efficient working environment. Minimizing of slips, trips and falls requires a holistic approach. Engineering solutions or the change of work practices and procedures may be required, as well as looking at the effect of cleaning and footwear. VIACRETE Polyurethane floorings offer a range of surface profiles from smooth to highly slip-resistant: various surface finishes which provide options to meet different working environments in the  industries.

Thermal Shock Resistance:

It is known that in extreme thermal shock environments a well designed flooring system in high quality is required; especially in situations subject to continous thermal treament. VIACRETE heavy duty polyurethane floorings could withstand temperatures up to 120° C (or even higher depending on application thickness). The specialised filler composition of VIACRETE polyurethane floors enables them to withstand high temperatures and extreme thermal shock conditions including routine and regular discharges of boiling water and steam cleaning. VIACRETE can offer wide range of service temperatures and has high thermal resistance to cyclic freeze, thaw and high temperature cleaning regime.

Chemical Resistance:

VIACRETE polyurethane floorings have excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals including many organic acids and solvents that will rapidly degrade other types of resin flooring. VIACRETE polyurethane floorings are designed to resist the commonly encountered food chemicals such as Acetic acid, Lactic acid, Oleic acid of vegetable and animal fats widely occured in the food industry.

Non-tainting to food:

VIACRETE polyurethane floorings are solvent free and have very low VOC which would not taint the foodstuff in the production.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

VIACRETE provides a non-staining finish and easy to clean surface. VIACRETE requires low maintenance regime and offers cost saving to the users in the long run.


Advantages at a glance:


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