VIASEALWATERPROOF urea-hybrid 21-60

Fast-curing, spray applied polyurethane-urea waterproofing membrane system, high elastic, with dynamic and statically crack bridging properties (class B4.2 at -20°C) for weathered and covered surfaces. Tested according to DIN EN 1504-2.

System information


  • Fast- and low temperature curing
  • Dynamic and statically crack bridging accord. EN 1062-7 class B4.2 (-20°C)
  • Joint- and seamless application on horizontal and vertical surfaces by machine applied membrane
  • Root resistant
  • High abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant e.g. oil, petrol, diesel, de-icing salt and other
  • Slip resistant for pedestrian traffic with additional aggregates in the seal coat
  • Very high UV and weather resistance with aliphatic seal coats

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