VIASOLUNIVERSAL high-impact – GREEN LINE ECO green line eco

Low emission Epoxy resin based coating system with glass fabric reinforcement for high hard-wearing and very high mechanical loads with good chemical properties and a wide spectrum of colours and surface structures. Suitable for substrates with cracks and for air cushion vehicles.

System information


  • extremely hard-wearing,
    durable in the context of heavy mechanical loads
  • high impact resistance
  • static, crack bridging with fabric
  • self-levelling, jointless
  • good chemical resistance and very good resistance to abrasion
  • hygienic, non-porous, liquid-tight
  • smooth, easy to clean
  • resistant to backward moisture penetration
  • available in a wide range of colours
  • suitable for high rack storage structures with special load distribution layer and air cushions over the whole surface

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