2018 – March


2018 – February


BSC car park occupied 4 floors of basement at total of 35,000m2 and has been operating almost 30 years The car park flooring has deteriorated and was contaminated with oils, greases, surface contaminations and severe cracks.

2018 – February

Estadio de Atletismo

PORPLASTIC SB economic Retopping - Renovation of an athletic track in Madrid, Spain

2018 – January

Cascavel, Brasilien

A blue unning track PORPLASTIC SW smart in Brazil

2017 – September

Hawaii - USA - PORPLASTIC M olympic

Good news on the Waipahu High School campus as the Marauders are dedicating a new football field and a PORPLASTIC M olympic track Wednesday morning. It’s a milestone for one of Oahu’s most populated public schools. A movie from local news station

2017 – April

Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2017

Porplastic the sports brand by VIACOR is the official court installer at the WTA tournament: Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2017.

2017 – January

Lebensmittelgeschäft BIOFRITZ in Überlingen

Polyurea Sealer VIASOL UREA S6400P

2016 – December

Hong Kong MTR

Waterproofing VIASEAL Hybrid 15/60
West Kowloon Terminus - Hong Kong MTR - Express Rail Link to Guangzhou

2016 – November

H&B Deckenpfronn

In November 2016 the factory area was increased by 4000 m2, spread across 3 buildings. H&B Electronics has been using the VIASOLPERM system with impressive results

2016 – October

Tennisklubb Norway

Tennisklubb, Norway
3 courts

2016 – September

Liebherr, Colmar - Montagelinie Dieselmotoren

An area of 3.500 m² for the assembly line of diesel engines was coated in France with VIASOL UNIVERSAL using the sealer VIASOL PU-S6006.

2016 – August


Tennisklubb, Norway
2 courts 

2016 – June

Helipad - Heilbronn

or this extraordinary project with special requirements, we developed the following individual coating system System information

2016 – May

TSG Heilbronn - FLOOR-ArtWork with SKY

Stylish architecture with advanced certified building materials characterise the new canoeists’ performance centre at the TSG Heilbronn. High quality construction for the next generation of the German canoe elite. That’s precisely the right specifications and conditions for the range of VIASOLELASTIC SKY flooring systems.

2016 – February

Esselte Leitz GmbH & Co KG

Decorative elastic polyurethane coating system, very good UV- and colour stable, impact sound reducing, gentle to knees and joints, temperature pleasing to the feet, with light to medium mechanical and chemical resistance and a wide colour spectrum. VIASOLELATIC UV

2015 – August

Sportgelände Baden-Baden

1 multi-purpose field - 1 long jump facility - 1 high jump facility - 100m running track

2014 – October

2014 – July

Allianz-Arena München

2014 – June

Sportböden Slovakai

PORPLASTIC S670 at Trencianske Teplice

2012 – April

Parkhaus Düsseldorf

2011 – March

Sporthalle Bosnien 1.500 qm

2008 – April


2005 – September

Kairo Stadion 10.000 qm

2004 – April

Legoland Spielplatzboden mit Fallschutzhöhe