Renovation Works in Challenging Conditions

>> subject: Multi-Storey Car Park in Nenzing

Epoflor GmbH specialises in the renovation of car parks and the company, which is in the Allgäu region of Germany, thrives on large-scale projects. The renovation works to the surfaces of the car park, which were badly worn, had been carefully planned and within eight weeks, new surface protection systems were to be coated on a surface area of 25,425 m².

Car Park Flooring

Shortly after the work began in June, it came to a halt, as the condition of the building was worse than had originally been thought. There were too many large air pores in the concrete and the coating across all 13 parking levels had to be removed and completely re-applied. This additional work had not been anticipated and in order to keep to the time schedule, the epoflor team had to work 7 days a week. In addition, and due to Covid-19 regulations, no additional workers could be employed to help.

Installation Work Flooring

During the building work, 80% of the car park had to be in operational use on week days for employees to park their cars, so the renovation work had to be divided into phases into work phases with an area of 220 car park spaces each. This had to be planned with precision so that every floor was always accessible.

Surface Car Park Flooring System

As the multi-storey car park has to withstand a wide-range of weather conditions, the builders had to carefully consider a special application for this particular project. A variety of systems and applying two layers of sealer were used to counteract the daily wear and tear.

On the south side of the building which is exposed to the weather, VIASOL DECK 11a plus was applied and VIASOL DECK 8 was used on the ramps. In front of the ramps VIASOL DECK rapid M (V1) was used and on the inside parking spaces and the north side, VIASOL DECK 11b plus. On the drivable areas, VIASOL DECK 11p plus with double sealer was applied.

Men at Work - Flooring VIACOR

Exceptional circumstances...
require exceptional measures. After the concrete had been successfully renovated, the coating was applied individually.


- for parking areas


VIASOL DECK offers reliable protection for concrete and building structures, safe traversability on foot or by vehicle and an attractive appearance. 

VIASOL DECK rapid M - The "ready to use" wear layer is extremely resistant to abrasion and is at the same time UV and colour-stable. The tensile adhesion strength values lie between 3 and 4 N/mm². The system conforms to EN 1504-2, DIN V 18026 and RILI SIB 2001 class OS10.

Manuelles OS 10 Beschichtungssystem für Parkflächen



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