surface protection systems for multi-storey car park in stuttgart

>> object: Park District Q16, NeckarPark

In 2000 the regional capital city, Stuttgart, acquired the 22 hectare area with the intention of building the Olympic village there, but after the Olympic organising Committee awarded the 2012 games to London, Stuttgart had new opportunities for the use for this land.

„NeckarPark: Urban, exciting and sustainable“

This is the strapline for this district of the city which is due for completion by 2025. It will comprise of housing, office space, educational and sporting facilities and a wide array of leisure space, along with a good infrastructure of restaurants and shops giving the district a vibrant, futuristic feel - an oasis of well-being.

12.000 m² and 3 Systems

Parkhaus ist das zentrale Gebäude im Neckarpark

The district car park serves as a multi-functional entity. The Q16 multi-storey car park provides heat across all the installations thanks to 2 thermal power stations, offers residents and employees a space for their cars and also has bays for bicycles. VIASOL DECK surface protection systems for multi-storey car parks were applied across the 12,000 m² surface area and the following classifications were used: OS 10, OS 11a and OS 11b.

Züblin Bautrupp im NeckarPark

The installation of the surface coating systems was determined by the type and amount of traffic in the park district and there were intermediate decks, ramps and underground parking to consider.

For the intermediate decks the VIASOL DECK 11b plus system protects the surfaces which are accessible for pedestrians and the VIASOL DECK 11a plus system was used on the driveable surfaces.

helles freundliches Parkhaus

A vapour diffusive OS 8 system was planned for the surfaces deep down in the underground car park as moisture can escape upwards but not downwards. For economical reasons, VIASOL DECK 11a plus was also applied in the underground car park. This system has the added benefit of helping to prevent the penetration of harmful materials into the concrete.  

helles freundliches Parkhaus

Ramps are also exposed to heavy mechanical loads and VIASOL DECK rapid M prevents the constant impact and tread in the tyres from wearing out in the bends of the ramp.


Floor Coating Systems
- for parking areas


Modern, long-lasting flooring coating systems for driveable surfaces do not only protect the concrete and therefore the building, but are also visually appealing, creating a light environment. Additionally, the anti-slip surface and the compliance with all the necessary regulations offer pedestrians added safety.

Floor for Future - VIASOL DECK rapid M

The new system with a manually applied waterproof membrane and a ready to use wear layer.

Manuelles OS 10 Beschichtungssystem für Parkflächen


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