Case Study: Miss Lashes gets a White Seamless Flooring System

>> subject: Company HQ, Miss Lashes in Horb

Irina Yalcin, Business Owner of Miss Lashes and Partner of D5 Beauty and Lifestyle Verwaltungs GmbH, has created a building which epitomises style. This beautiful building is a reflection of her philosophy and contributory factor to the success of her business:

„Miss Lashes is synonymous with expertise when it comes to the refinement and improvement of eyes and facial aesthetics. As pioneers in eyelash extensions, we have made it our mission to allow everyone a look which radiates expression, elegance and beauty.”

The ground-breaking project began in March 2019 and the company were able to move into their new premises in June 2020. The impact of the flooring was a crucial factor in the new building and with a surface area of 410m², the effect that the flooring has, although often overlooked, it’s always there to see.

The Dream Building for a Business

Perfekte Verarbeitung von BETEC mit VIACOR

The company which was contracted to undertake the work, Betec Beschichtungstechnik GmbH is competent, experienced and successful in the consultation and execution of its work. The VIASOL ELASTIC UV GREEN LINE ECO System was selected and applied in a snow white matt colour throughout company’s offices.

Streak-free in the light

Elegant room design – when quality speaks for itself and not much decoration is needed! This is clear and noticeable both in the workmanship and the product itself.

Perfectly treated and seamless across all areas

The preparation work and the treatment on the lower layers, such as the primer and the levelling layer, are crucial. The top coating will only be clean and homogeneous when there is an even and pore-closed layer underneath. 

The sealer must be carefully applied, so that the flooring system can be properly closed off. If the layering is incomplete, glossy areas will become visible and if it is applied too quickly, the area can become streaky.

For processing, the products must have good self-levelling properties, optimum deaeration and must not cure too quickly or too slowly.

The Features

The treatment of expansion joints The staircase is uniform in its designCovers for cable access in a matching design


The Floor System
for offices and private homes


Elastic polyurethane coating system, very good UV- and colour stable, impact sound reducing, gentle to knees and joints, temperature pleasing to the feet, with light to medium mechanical and chemical resistance and a wide colour spectrum.

Elastic Floor Coating System


Flooring for the future: GREEN LINE ECO

Areas where people spend longer periods of time must  adhere to high levels of environmental, health and occupational safety requirements and for these spaces, building products must comply to specified standards. AgBB (German „Ausschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten“) is the standard which assesses the health impact from the emissions of volatile, organic compounds (VOC) of building products.

Agbb Zertifzierung Icon GREEN LINE ECO

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