Case Study: Floor - Private Wine Cellar in Nordheim

Quality Wine paired with Quality Flooring

The Rolf Willy private wine cellar, which was founded in 1969, is one of the largest private wine producers in southern Germany. Now in its third generation, the Willy family from Nordheim produce very successful, award-winning wines, sparkling wines, liquors and other specialities. The company has grown with its success both in its size and the quality of its products.

>> object: Rolf Willy Private Wine Cellar in Nordheim

Coating Private Wine Cellar

To coincide with its upcoming customer open day, including the opening of its new building, all the rooms had to look their best. The production facility in the old building needed to be renovated as quickly as possible, especially as it was also going to be on the route the guests were due to take on their tour around the facility. A local company CBL Chemobau GmbH, a specialist in industrial flooring since 1980, was appointed to carry out the necessary work as quickly as possible.

Flooring with quartzsand -  VIACOR

Wine doesn´t discolour this floor.

Discolouration resistance, anti-slip and low maintenance were the most important criteria when choosing the materials for the flooring system. Samples were produced and tested according to this criteria. The industrial flooring system VIASOL DESIGN QCV with the VIASOL PU-S667 N sealant is able to withstand all chemicals and substances. There were no traces of wine or abrasive cleaning materials marked on the flooring, even after  longer periods of time. The facility was completely renovated in time for the Open Day and the wine cellar was ready to welcome its prominent guests.

Easy to clean - Floor system from VIACOR

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The Floor-Coating-Systems
- for production halls


Decorative, low emission and slip resistant epoxy coating system with good mechanical and chemical properties and a wide colour spectrum. 

Rutschhemmendes Bodensystem für Industrieflächen



Areas where people spend longer periods of time must  adhere to high levels of environmental, health and occupational safety requirements and for these spaces, building products must comply to specified standards. AgBB (German „Ausschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten“) is the standard which assesses the health impact from the emissions of volatile, organic compounds (VOC) of building products.

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