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50 years of sports surface construction combined with state-of-the-art artificial resin technology

PORPLASTIC has a worldwide network of renown sports facility builders that made sports surfaces from PORPLASTIC into a quality concept throughout the past 50 years. PORPLASTIC is applies around the world in sports clubs and sport centres for running tracks, sport halls, multi-function pitches, tennis courts, falling protection for playgrounds and artificial turf.
Sports Floor Surfaces - Tennis Court

VIACOR with its high competence in production and development in the field of epoxy- and polyurethane resins is the ideal addition as a producer of high-grade polymer products. VIACOR is licenced and produces PORPLASTIC products with artificial resin technology that is state-of-the-art. Continuous development and customisation for special applications or climate requirements are daily matters in this partnership.

In conjunction, that produces an equation which tallies up in favour of the customers. The combination of the core competences of VIACOR and PORPLASTIC creates a continuous chain, which starts with the basic raw materials and only ends at the completely installed sports floor for indoor sports surface and outdoor sports surfaces.

The systems for sports surfaces:

point-, mix- and combined-elastic hall floors based on PURE,
as per DIN EN

PURE-bound sport surface systems with rubber-granulates for track and field athletics in popular and professional sports; special systems for multi-functional playing pitches.
DIN and WA certified

Artificial turf systems for modern ball sports, for recreational use and landscaping, outdoors and indoors, certified as per DIN and corresponds to the FIFA quality concept

seamless fall protection coating for any drop height and elastic decorative coatings, DIN EN certified

certified tennis court coating systems for indoors and outdoors

Our systems are certified:

IAAF Zertifikat PORPLASTIC BWF-Zertifikat PORPLASTIC IHF Zertifikat Porplastic IAKS Zertifiziert Porplastic DQS Zertifiziert Porplastic ITF Zertifiziert Porplastic ITF Zertifiziert Porplastic

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Start using the web version of the sports floor finder to discover running tracks, artificial turf fields, multi-purpose fields, tennis courts, swimming halls, gymnastics rooms, play-grounds and the associated changing rooms, showers, corridors, stairways , parking areas and much more.

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