Coating for stairs - VIASOL - industrial flooring
VIACOR inventive polymers

These are not only products on the highest technical standard and state of the art of chemical possibilities. This is also a lived nearness to the use of these products and certificated systems on the building site.

The internal conviction to produce suitable products for every requirement, every customer or the regional market and to constantly verify this by back coupling with our installation partners.

The commitment to use synthetics with foresight and a sense of responsibility so they are going to donate maximum use. We strictly follow the valid environmental standards and go for renewable materials.

We are aware of the fact that it is always about the relations between people and further about the relation from people to their work which makes us and our customers strong and successful at the same time. This is impemented and guaranteed by quick, direct ways, personal contacts in all areas, Teamwork at all levels.

It is our aim to become a worldwide dependable partner for industral layers and sports gorunds in all important markets.