Floor coating for kitchens with excellent appearance

VIASOL UNIFLEX cuisine SR with technical approval for use in industrial kitchens

The loads in catering and kitchen areas present great challenges for a floor. Exposure to a wide variety of foods can cause unsightly and permanent staining of the floor. Frequent cleaning processes put both thermal and chemical stress on the floor and can accelerate its wear. Existing joints or induced cracks can be gateways for germs and at the same time result in contamination of the subfloor with water and chemicals. Moreover, spilled liquids can endanger the slip resistance and thus the personal protection of employees and visitors.

VIASOL UNIFLEX cuisine SR tested for the requirements in kitchens

The VIASOL UNIFLEX cuisine SR floor coating system from VIACOR is specially designed to meet the requirements of kitchens. The seamless look ensures fantastic cleanability and the highest standards of hygiene. The UV-stable sealer is resistant to discoloration caused by numerous foods. High chemical and thermal resistance up to 60°C prevents signs of wear. The defined anti-slip properties ensure slip resistance even on spillages. The crack-bridging waterproofing layer prevents water and chemicals from penetrating the substrate. In addition, the excellent appearance due to color or natural quartz broadcasting meets the highest demands for modern and representative kitchens. Many of these performance features have been tested and proven by an external usability certificate based on the DIBt test principles for waterproofing (PG-AIV).

In summary, the following impressive product benefits make the VIASOL UNIFLEX cuisine SR floor coating system the ideal choice for industrial kitchens and similarly used areas: