The ultimate system for running tracks

PORPLASTIC M olympic ultra

With only two layers PORPLASTIC M olympic ultra, fulfills all advantages that stand for a modern athletic track. The first time synthetic tracks, also known as tartan tracks, were used was in 1968 at the Olympic Games in Mexico. Since then running tracks were constantly developed further. The new ultimative sports floor systems of PORPLASTIC impress with their outstanding capabilities - ULTRA resistant against constant toughest stresses by spikes, ULTRA dynamic step elasticity, ULTRA shock absorption as well as the ULTRA low-emission.


Ultra-structure with only two layers

Thanks to a revolutionary formulation, the Full-PUR System offers brilliant abilities with only two layers and a total system thickness of 13-15mm.


Outstanding mechanical abilities like the extreme high shock absorption (42%) coupled with extraordinary durability, make the coating to a real wonder weapon for performance and reliability. 


Natural for PORPLASTIC and still more than worth mentioning: as with all coatings, with the PORPLASTIC M olympic ultra, we gave special attention to the environmental sustainability.


The PORPLASTIC M olympic ultra was successfully certified in accordance with the World Athletics requirements.