Synthetic Resin in Cold Weather Conditions

We would once again like to take this opportunity of informing you of some special measures which need to be taken with the delivery and procedures of synthetic resin in line with the current cold temperatures which are typical at this time of year and which need to be taken into consideration when planning your construction works.

The chemical and physical curing times of our products which are made from reaction resin are, amongst other things, dependent on the air, floor and material temperatures. This means that there could be some unforeseen side-effects to processes. Longer curing and reaction times and therefore longer waiting times for recoating, lower strength/resistance when starting work on new surfaces, and in extreme cases, incomplete binding of products with 2 or more components such as carbamate formation, and also further humidity damage caused by dewpoint temperatures can result. Furthermore, the consumption values of the materials being used is increased due to the higher viscosity.

Here we hold the complete information as PDF file